International Asia From ‘Ah Boys to Men’ to a luxurious wedding anniversary celebration for...

From ‘Ah Boys to Men’ to a luxurious wedding anniversary celebration for star Maxi Lim

His happy wife wishes to celebrate 50 more wedding anniversaries




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SINGAPORE – It seems like ages ago when ‘Ah Boys to Men’ was all the rage and everyone was eager to catch the movie. Well, it’s time again to congratulate our dear “wayang king” of the movie franchise, Maxi Lim, who celebrated his first marriage anniversary with his wife, Lizy Teo, on Mar 29.

Based on’s report, it seems that the couple kickstarted their anniversary with a date night out when Teo received a very special gift from Lim.

In celebration of their love, Lim went on a splurge for his wife – ready to guess what it is?

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@kylolizy)

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Posting on Instagram, Teo wrote: “Happy anniversary @originalmaxi! Can you believe it’s been a year?! Ahh what a crazy journey. My wish is to celebrate 50 more anniversaries with you so that I can have 50 more rollies hehehe. I love you!!!”

On her Instagram post, she shows off a stunning new Rolex which appears to be The Datejust 36. According to Rolex’s official website, it’s priced at a whopping S$11,440!

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@kylolizy)

Photo: Official Rolex Website screengrab

It’s safe to say, she’s one lucky wife! 

The couple tied the knot in a small ceremony last year and now have a seven-month-old son named Reign.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@originalmaxi)

Fun fact: When Reign was born, Lim initially wanted to name him Ethan because it sounds like “eaten” but eventually decided against it. (How adorable is that? LOL) 

At the time, managed to have a phone interview Lim where they asked him about his new role as a dad and the meaning behind Reign’s name – to which he responded that he “likes how it sounds”.

In the Whatsapp conversation, the actor shared: “We actually went through many names. Liz’s friend found the name ‘Reign’ and I really like the ring to it,” and added that his son’s name is in reference to the Bible and a reminder of “God’s reign over [his] life”.

Lim also talked about the inside joke they had about naming him “Ethan” saying: “It was supposed to sound like Eaten, the EatB.” (Dad jokes… can’t live with it, can’t live without it either.)

For long-time Instagram followers of Lim, they probably noticed that the name “Ethan” is related to his favourite phrase “Eat bro” that he leaves almost all over social media.Follow us on Social Media

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