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Foreign domestic worker abandons crying toddler at employer’s home

Working mum shares surveillance camera footage on social media.




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A Singapore couple were left traumatised when a random check of their home surveillance camera showed that their domestic helper had left their two-year-old daughter alone at their house, without their knowledge and consent.

Sharing the surveillance footage on social media, Facebook user Yasoda Murugan shared that she chanced upon the incident when she randomly checked the footage after she left the house to go for a job interview on Friday (Mar 8).

To Yasoda’s horror, the helper had left the house and was nowhere to be seen. In the footage, Yasoda’s young daughter can be seen going from room to room, looking for the helper as she screams.

Yasoda wrote: “On 8th march 2019, i went for a job interview, leaving my baby girl 2years old with my helper. Randomly I checked my surveillance camera that I placed at my home. To my horror, i saw my baby girl have been stranded alone at my place without anyone.

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“The helper just left my 2 year old daughter at home, and she went out!!! She placed a pail full of water on the kitchen. Imagine my baby girl tends to use the stool to look out from window or even if she accidentally fall on the pail of water, can the helper answerable if anything happens to my child???? As a mother it’s so heart wrenching.”

Traumatised, Yasoda and her husband confronted the helper. Instead of apologising, the helper demanded to go back to India. The helper apparently made Yasoda’s husband pay her a salary before she left Singapore even though he had already funded her plane ticket home.

On top of that, the helper called Yasoda from the airport and began cursing her before intimidating Yasoda that she would return to Singapore very soon.

Urging parents to be cautious when employing a helper, Yasoda wrote: “We are taking the necessary actions but as a helpless mum, i would like to let y’all know that, what happens to my child and me today, can happen to anyone in future! Please be cautious!”

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