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Foodie claims Bamboo Biriyani at Eunos is overhyped and at $24 per plate, over-priced




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Brian Anan, a self-professed foodie, claims that the bamboo biriyani which is the talk of the town in social media is over-hyped and overpriced. Recounting his experience in an Indian restaurant in Eunos on 31 May, Brian said how the food arrived late and how he experienced poor customer service. He added that the biriyani was bland and the chicken, too crispy.

Lamb Bamboo Biriyani….. dong dong dong… here comes the lamb…

Posted by Brian Aanan on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

This is how Brian described his experience, in his own words.


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I know people are talking about it in social media.

Well, being a foodie together with my partner n his friend, we decided to try it today. (31/05/2017)

Followings are our unbiased view. One man’s food is another man’s poison.

1. Environment was bright, clean, with some piping Hindustani music.

2. They don’t come to your table n take orders. You have to queue at cashier n place your orders.

3. Before ordering, I did asked the Chef, whether One Bamboo Biryani is sufficient for 2 people n he replied ‘NO’, because you will have bigger slice of lamb with less rice.

4. So we ordered, Two Lamb and One Chicken Bamboo Biryani @ 1.56 PM.
(note: non of them, told us that we have to wait for at least 45 mins, friends do take note about it)

5. We were severed at 2.45 PM with One Lamb and One Chicken Bamboo Biryani n the waiter left.
We thought, he’s going to get another Lamb Bamboo Biryani n waited for some 5-10 mins. No sign of him.

6. It’s only after, I called asked about it, then the staff, replied that I have to wait for another 5-10 mins.
I told him, we ordered for 3 n he should serve us 3 together, instead why serve 2 and do you expect one person to wait, n see us eating. it doesn’t make any sense.
If the preparation is done, as per order 2 lambs n 1 chicken, why they left out one lamb.

7. Now, coming to the Bamboo Biryani.
If you’re a Die-Hard Biryani foodie, you can identify n tell whether it’s value for money.
a) Rice was colourful but tasteless, to us it was blunt. Nothing special in it.

b) Lamb Bamboo Biryani, a moderate Lamb piece, tender but again it’s tasteless, I don’t taste any spices induced into it. I would rather simply steam or boiled a lamb piece n eat it.

c) Chicken Bamboo Biryani, expected that they will cook the chicken together with the rice, instead i was served with fried chicken covered with biryani rice and all heated inside the Bamboo.
While biting it, I can feel it’s still crispy.
If i knew this earlier, I would rather go to 4FINGERS crispy chicken.

8. Showmanship was nice, with tapping the bamboo n poking into it.

9. Oops, before I forget, it’s $24/- per plate of Bamboo Biryani n you get only One complimentary drink per plate.

Conclusion: Will we visit again – NO.

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