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Filipina threatens lawsuit against local animal welfare group for highlighting plight of dog




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A Filipina living in Singapore has threatened lawsuit against a Facebook group dedicated to the welfare of animals. The group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore yesterday (29 Oct) highlighted the plight of a dog chained with a very short leash to a gate in the eastern part of Singapore. The group said that other than 2-3 walks a day, the dog is chained at the patio for three-quarters of the day, and that the dog could not even shelter itself from extreme weather.

The group said that the dog was adopted by the Filipino family from a Scottish family who left Singapore, and that the adopters had not neutered the dog as they intended to breed the dog. According to the group, the family intends to “show (their) young daughter the birth process as the father is also a doctor at Changi General Hospital and (she) has watched him handled some simple operations.”

According to the group, the authorities had visited the adopters as a result of complaint by the neighbours, and they had advised them to increase the length of the chain. The advice had apparently fallen on deaf ears. The adopter also told the group that the dog was restrained in the space because her husband was sick and that they intended to erect a fence around their patio to give the dog more space.

The group refused to accept the adopters reasons as they felt that it was too inhumane to tie the dog up with such a short leash. The group also raised several questions for the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) in their post.

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Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore’s post has gone viral with over 900 shares since being posted.

Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore did not reveal the name, location or address of the adopters with its first post.

The group released a second post on the same topic a few hours ago today (30 Oct) with a screenshot suggesting that a person intended to take legal action against group for highlighting the case. It is believed that the person who has made the threat is the adopter.

In a screenshot captured by one of the commenters on the post, the adopter charged that the group came to her house to enquire about the dog uninvited.

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