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Father and son allegedly assault elderly man after he advises teen riding e-scooter to slow down




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A 60-year-old man required stitches and had to fork out $2000 for medical treatment after a father and son allegedly assaulted him in Choa Chu Kang this Tuesday evening when the man asked the teenager who was riding an e-scooter to slow down.

According to the Chinese daily, the incident occurred along Breckland Road at about 6.47pm. The episode left the senior with a deep cut on his left ear and so much pain that he could not sleep at night.

The case went viral on social media after the victim’s daughter-in-law, Jermaine Ang, shared the matter on Facebook that same evening. Ang alleged that her father-in-law, Mr Leong, had advised the teen who was riding his e-scooter “dangerously” to not speed. The teenager reportedly grew angry and spewed vulgarities at the elderly man.

It was at this point that the teen called his father who arrived in a mini bus, according to Ang. Ang claimed that the teen’s father punched her father-in-law, accusing him of assaulting the teen first. The father-son pair then allegedly beat up Mr Leong who supposedly blanked out.

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“After seconds, both of them punched and kicked him on the floor as if he was a punching bag,” Ang claimed as she appealed for netizens to help identify the alleged assailants:

Another Facebook user then shared a screenshot of a text conversation from an individual, believed to be the teenager. The texts claim that Mr Leong was the one who had shouted at the teenager’s father first, prompting the teenager to swing at Mr Leong in anger.

The teenager saw that his punch caused the elderly man to fall and bleed and his father urged him to leave the scene in order to avoid further commotion:

According to the Chinese daily, both parties sorted out their differences after they met up at a police post following the incident. The teenager reportedly apologised to Mr Leong who chose not to pursue the matter further.

Mr Leong revealed that the teenager’s father hugged him and apologised for what had happened as his wife also interceded. He added: “We don’t want to see anyone go to jail either, and it’s just a boy. I don’t wish to leave them with no way out. I hope that they will learn their lessons and not act rashly in the future. Let this entire incident die down.”

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