Entertainment Arts Fans claim that Kendall Jenner has gone under the knife

Fans claim that Kendall Jenner has gone under the knife

The celebrity's fans say that not being honest about cosmetic surgery sets unrealistic expectations for the fans who look up to them, especially teens




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The topic of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ constantly changing looks on Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been a source of heated debate. The sisters use their good looks to help build their social media followings and individual careers. They use cosmetics, photography filters and good angles to look beautiful at all times. The question of which sister has had to go under the knife to improve their looks, has been a matter of ongoing debate. Fans of Kendall claim that she has gotten plastic surgery and the verdict on that is yet to be out.

There is no need to debate when a family member admits to doing plastic surgery. Kardashian mum Kris Jenner said that she has done a neck lift, Botox injections, laser treatments and breast augmentation. Some people believe that Kim Kardashian had her butt done but she denied that she went through surgery for her butt. Kim did admit that she did Botox on her face. Face fillers are a popular choice among the sisters.

Fans have speculated that Kylie Jenner had breast enhancement but she only admitted to doing face fillers. Kourtney Kardashian admitted to breast surgery but she denied any other procedures. Khloe has the most noticeable change in her looks compared to all the sisters but she denied anything more than face injections. She did not like going through them as it made it difficult to show emotions on the face.

Among all the sisters, Kendall Jenner is the one who is most dead set about denying any plastic surgery. She said that as a model, why would she have her face reconstructed and it did not make sense. Kendall Jenner relies on her looks more than her other siblings to make her living. Kendall Jenner earns top dollar for her appearance in ads. Brands she has worked with included Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and Adidas.

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Kendall Jenner denies doing plastic surgery. Picture:Instagram

Fans still believe that Kendall Jenner has done plastic surgery despite her denying it. In a Reddit thread, fans said that not being honest about going under the knife sets unrealistic expectations for the fans who look up to them, especially teens. In the thread, fans are convinced that Kendall Jenner has done work to her face.  “I wish they would because I would love to know exactly what Kendall did to achieve her face.” Another weighed in with speculation about what procedures Jenner has had: “It’s mainly nose job, lip filler and eye threading. She’s definitely had the least done surgery wise.”

In the thread, fans have said that Kendall’s alterations were minimal compared to her sisters’ and that is why they find it difficult to know if Kendall had work done. “Kourt and Kendall both tried to enhance their natural features whereas Kylie and Khloe wanted to create whole new ones imo which is why their surgery is way more noticeable,” one commenter wrote.

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