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Ex-KTV hostess who blinded colleague by stomping on her face with stiletto heel gets 16 months jail




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Former KTV hostess Siti Zahara Afifi Abdul Karim was sentenced to 16 months jail yesterday after a violent scuffle over a man left her colleague permanently blinded.

The 28-year-old defendant who had stomped on her 30-year-old victim’s face while wearing a 14.5cm-long stiletto heel caused the victim’s left eyeball to pop out.

The court also ordered Siti to pay a compensation of $5,923 in medical bills incurred by the victim, Nur Lena Rahmat, who had to have her left eye removed and also suffers from limited vision in her right eye following the brawl.

The two ex-hostesses are believed to have had had a tense working relationship prior to the scuffle, which occurred on 8 Oct 2015 at Club One KTV Boutique in Jalan Sultan.

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On that day, 30-year-old Nur Lena Rahmat and 28-year-old Siti Zahara Afifi Abdul Karim got into an argument about a set of braces Nur Lena’s friend had planned to sponsor for Siti Zahara’s sister.

Nur Lena’s friend and Siti Zahara’s sister were in a relationship, but the friend still wanted to pay for the braces after his relationship with Siti Zahara’s sister ended. Nur Lena reportedly tried to persuade her friend against bearing the financial cost now that his relationship was over, and Siti Zahara was upset about her colleague’s interference in the matter.

What started as a disagreement at 3.20am quickly escalated into a violent skirmish. Both women fell to the ground, where Siti Zahara began kicking in Nur Lena’s direction repeatedly. Siti Zahara kept kicking even when her stiletto heel hit Nur Lena’s eyelid twice, before eventually piercing the victim’s left eye, causing her eyeball to pop out.

The court heard that Nur Lena shouted, “I cannot see, I cannot see,” before she was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where her left eye had to be removed.

Besides losing her left eye, Nur Lena also suffered temporal hemianopia in her right eye, and doctors discovered that her sight in her remaining eye is limited to the nasal part of her visual field.

Nearly two full years after the violent altercation, Siti Zahara was convicted in October of causing grievous hurt to Nur Lena due to a rash act that endangered the personal safety of others.


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