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Employer from Hell refused to allow Poly intern to use toilet; plans to sue after more stories of exploitation emerge




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Horrific stories of exploitation and abuse of employees’ rights by former employees of Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd have emerged after poly student Natalie shared her experience interning for the company which claims to be “one of Asia’s leading specialist professional recruitment consultancy.”

In a comment on transitioning.org, an unemployment support website, Natalie recounted that although she was interning as an HR/admin support staff, she was made to buy cigarettes for her boss despite being underage at 17-years-old and forced to vacuum the entire office each week.

She also reported that she was banned from using the toilet by her employers and that she was sexually harassed by a manager who made “inappropriate comments” about her another female intern.

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Natalie comment, made on 9 July, was in response to a 2015 article by a former employee who also reported being “degraded” by Bizhub:

The employee reportedly left Bizhub after she was publicly scolded and later forced to contribute $80 for a birthday party for her boss that she could not attend.

An influx of incriminatory comments from former employees have since emerged on the company’s Facebook page:

Netizens have also caught Bizhub’s Regional Business Development Director Claire Koay leaving the company a 5-star rating on Facebook, perhaps in an attempt to counter the slew of recent negative reviews.

Bizhub has since refuted Natalie’s allegations and claims it is seeking legal redress, in a statement on its Facebook page:

Statement from Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd:Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd, Claire Koay and Jeff Poh hereby make a joint statement as…

Posted by Bizhub Asia on Wednesday, 26 July 2017


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