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Elections in July says Sarawak Report




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According to Sarawak Report, the bets are on for a July election in Malaysia.

Saying the rush with which Prime Minister Najib Razak in settling the IPIC case is indicative of the latter’s intentions.

The IPIC-1MDB scandal has a July 31 deadline given to 1MDB to settle its debt with the Abu Dhabi fund

“Which is why many are now laying bets on the likelihood that Najib is going to cut his losses and go for an election BEFORE he has to come up with that hefty US$602 million payment owed to IPIC on July 31st!,” said Sarawak Report.

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The portal said the reason being that there is no money to be made from selling 1MDB’s fictional ‘units’ and so in the end that cash is going to have to be raised direct from the taxpayer through his Ministry of Finance, which is ultimately responsible for meeting the commitment.

“Once that happens … Malaysian’s will be faced with the realisation that Najib will probably have to raise taxes to pay for it all,” said the portal.

It said the ministry of finance does not have that kind of money to pay for the 1MDB scandal settlement with Abu Dhabi’s IPIC.

“The party will be on you the voter and you the taxpayer!,” it said.

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