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Elderly man showed lewd video to 15-year-old and 10-year-old sisters in Toa Payoh coffeeshop, traumatising them




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An elderly man has been accused of traumatising two young girls at a coffeeshop at 111 Toa Payoh Lor 1 over the weekend, by showing them a lewd video on his mobile phone.

Facebook user Lynne Lim is appealing for more information about the man on Facebook and alleged that the man – who was not acquainted with the girls or their mother, who was close by, prior to the incident – harassed the girls by showing them an obscene video on his mobile phone while staring at them.

Traumatised, the girls began crying.

When confronted by the girls’ mother, the man retorted that they are in a public place and that she could report the matter to the police. Lim wrote:

“Anyone knows this elderly man who can be someone’s father or grandfather ? Anyone know why did he want to do this ?
“This man showed lewd obscene video to 2 young girls age 15 and 10 at Toa Payoh Lor 1 blk 111 coffeshop.
“Date 14 oct 2017. Time 8.45pm
“The 2 girls are traumatized and the 10 years old kept crying. The man shouted at the girl’s mother to go report police if not happy as the coffeshop is public place.
“How it happened…
“Man, from his own table, put his handphone screen with obscene video directly show towards the 2 young girls age 10 and 15 who were seated directly opposite, and in close visible proximity to his table. He was staring at the older girl and excited to see the kid expression. 
“None of them knew the elderly man. Girl mother scream at the man and seek police assistance. Police came took everyine statement and ask man show the phone. It seemed he is a regular at the coffeeshop and his friends in red blue white stripe stood up to speak to the police?
“The incidents traumatized the 2 girls so much, who cried all the way home and until now after i finish narrating the incident in the post.
“I told the mother that i will help them to warn others who goes to the coffeeshop. The victim are minors and we need to protect them from such perverted act, as these young kids cannot defend thenselves.
“I hope there are laws to protect such harrassment in public places.”
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Lim has since removed her post from Facebook.

The police have since confirmed that the man – a 62-year-old – has been arrested for causing public nuisance.

He may be fined up to S$2,000 and/or be sentenced to prison for up to 6 months, if convicted under the Public Nuisance Act. In the case of a second or subsequent conviction, he may be fined up to S$5,000 and/or jailed up to 12 months.

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