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E-scooter rider crashes into PMD rider while beating red light at road

Lawless rider acts "like a gangster" before running away "like a mouse".




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Singapore – A law-flouting e-scooter rider is in trouble with Netizens as well as authorities after disregarding a red light and crashing with full force into a (Personal Mobility Device) rider.

On Mar 17, road safety website ROADS.sg uploaded a video of the incident which had happened along Drive 1 at 10:25 pm the previous night.  In the video, the e-scooter rider does not even slow down as he collides with the 37-year-old personal mobility device (PMD) rider who had been crossing the street. Both riders flew off their rides and lay on the ground.

Shortly after, a second e-scooter rider passed by.

According to ROADS.sg’s post, the irresponsible youth on the e-scooter ran away before the police arrived.

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They wrote:

“This irresponsible e-scooter rider breaching a red light and hitting another with full force. Glad to see his e-scooter was wrecked and hope he will compensate the other rider for a new scooter. To the innocent rider, please use this video as evidence to claim from him ‘Gao Gao’. Use the police report together with a lawyer’s letter and claim for medical and a new e-scooter.

This idiot e-scooter rider and his friend ran away before the police arrived.

Wishing this innocent rider a speedy and full recovery.

Happened along Pasir Ris Drive 1 on 16/3/19 at 10.25 pm

Credit: Mr Lam”

An update was posted regarding the PMD riders:

“I gave chase but the idiot ran up the stairs and I was 200 metres away and barefoot, even Usain Bolt cannot catch la knn.

Heng Ah got police cam, he can run but sure can’t hide.

During the pursuit, his friends scoot away, and he tried to carry his damaged scooter and run and hide end up carry upstairs but that stairs got a police camera installed.

Act like a gangster but ran like a mouse. The victim was sent to the hospital,” shared the Facebook page giving credit to a certain Jeremy Chiang.

The PMD rider was taken to Sengkang General Hospital after the accident.

Police investigations are ongoing.

The Active Mobility Act (AMA) released by the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) states that PMDs are not allowed on roads. Considered as PMDs are kick and electric scooters, unicycles, and hoverboards.

The penalty for a PMD riding on roads is an S$2,000 to S$5,000 fine and/or six months to five years in jail. The device will also be seized.

Photo: LTA infographic

Watch the video below:


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