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Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s party registration “approved-in-principle” by the Registry of Societies

The former People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament had announced that he was forming a new political party on January 18 of this year



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Singapore—In a Facebook post on Saturday, March, 16, Dr Tan Cheng Bock gave an update to the pending application for registration of a newly-formed political party, Progress Singapore Party.

The former People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament said that the application had been “approved-in-principle” by the Registry of Societies to our Constitution, subject to their acceptance of some amendments that the Registry had suggested.

Tan and the other eleven citizens, which he described in a Facebook post at that time to include “some ex PAP cadres” have been awaiting approval from the Registry.

Apparently, many people had been asking for questions about Progress Singapore Party’s approval from the Registry, which prompted Dr Tan to post the update.

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Dr Tan seemed pleased to note in his post that the Registry had been “very very helpful so far” and he was looking forward to his party’s approval.

He added a link for people who wished to get in touch, and also said that he was off to have breakfast for the second time at Admiralty hawker centre.

Here is Dr Tan’s March 16 Facebook post in full:

“Party registration update

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In response to the many queries on the status of the registration of Progress Singapore Party, I am pleased to share that our application was “approved-in-principle”, subject to us accepting some amendments made by the Registry of Societies to our Constitution. We have proposed some minor changes to the ROS’s amendments and are now waiting for their final reply. The Registry of Societies has been very helpful so far, and I look forward to their favorable response to our application.

Thank you for your patience. To get in touch with me and my team, please do click on this link https://goo.gl/forms/ANqOuFCNy9L38Uw72

Meanwhile this morning, I went with some to kampung Admiralty hawker centre for breakfast. This is my second visit.”


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Dr Tan had run for the presidency in 2011, but lost it by a very narrow margin, to Tony Tan from PAP.

In the post on January 18 wherein he explained his motives for returning to politics, Dr Tan said that he has had the opportunity to speak to Singaporeans “from all walks of life.” Hearing their concerns and fears, and feeling their pains, he wrote that he “felt a sense of duty to come forward and represent them in Parliament,” hence the choice to form the Progress Singapore Party “to add another voice in Parliament,” and “an alternative voice in Parliament.”

Dr Tan was also transparent about the difficulty they had in making this choice and that he and his co-founders discussed different options such as joining or taking over an existing opposition party, running as an independent, and others.

But forming a new party is what he believed to be the right course of action.

Moreover, Dr Tan also put out the call in his post in January to opposition members who “are passionate about putting country first – before either party or self.”

Dr Tan also made mention that at his age of 78 he recognizes he has a short time left, and therefore he plans to mentor Parliamentarians for the benefit of Singapore’s future and highlighted the principles he wants to see developed, including “a compassionate and truly democratic Singapore where good values and people matter. of choice and free speech without fear must be defended.”

He added, “In due course, as the party and candidates mature, we intend to be ready to govern the nation. In the mean time, we will with those who share our political beliefs of country first – before either party or self.”

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