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Deliveroo rider wants to find Food Panda rider to properly thank him for taking fuel-starved bike safely to petrol kiosk




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Deliveroo rider Kristeena Fino Yap said in her Facebook that she is trying to find a Food Panda rider who helped her push her fuel-starved bike safely to a petrol kiosk quite a distance away. She said that in her weariness besides getting the Food Panda’s name, she forgot to properly thank him. She is now trying to locate him to buy him a drink.

Update: Thanks for all the share(s)! I believe the Food Panda Rider's identity has already been established! Thank…

Posted by Kristeena Fino Yap on Friday, 21 July 2017

If you can’t read what Kristeena posted, this is what she said.

So…. I have no idea how to start this but here it goes…. Please bear with me as I struggle to type this out. IT WILL BE A LONG LONG STORY.

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This evening on the way back home from work, upon exiting PIE Bedok, I noticed something was wrong with my throttle just before the filter lane. This feeling was eerily familiar, and I instantly knew what it was – that fuel starved feeling on the throttle! Out of gas! Switch to reserve right? Yes! EXCEPT that I was ALREADY ON RESERVE (which I switched to my reserve tank the day before). Don’t ask me why I didn’t go to get it pumped please. Sometimes people do stupid things. ????

I know this feeling. I HATE THIS FEELING. I know fuel was gonna get cut off the moment my bike comes to a stop. I was a few traffic lights away from the petrol stations. If I had stopped there and then, I would be right at the filter lane at peak hour traffic. I took a gamble to try to reach ESSO, and my gamble didn’t pay off, of course. Bike stalled as I cruised to the red light at low rpm.

Side stand down, hazard light on. I dismounted from my bike and got ready to push it. At this point I was before Bedok North Neighbourhood Police Centre.

Green light in my favor and I started to push my bike towards the curb, past the T-Junction and to the nearest bus stop (Bedok 85 Market). I stopped after the bus stop to catch my breath. Sent an SOS on WhatsApp to my usual riding friends to ask if anyone was nearby Bedok.
Continued to push and rest, push and rest for a couple more times. Although out of fuel completely, I didn’t find my CBR400 any lighter at all because I was already damn tired from the pushing.


So already long story (but try to) cut shorter, as I was at a point where I could finally see ESSO from afar, a FOOD PANDA RIDER stopped his motorcycle infront of mine beside the curb, dismounted from his motorcycle, came to me and asked what happened. I told him “My bike ran out of petrol.” Immediately, he told me to park my bike on side stand, he will help me to push.

EXHAUSTED, SWEATY AND LEGS ALREADY JELLIED, I WAS MORE THAN GRATEFUL!!! Especially since I still had some distance to go, and to get to ESSO we had to cross to the other side of the road, and up the slope and hump into ESSO.

He pushed it way faster than I could walk. I struggled to keep up because I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

So, this FOOD PANDA RIDER got my bike safely into ESSO so that I could get it refuelled. I only managed to get his name and this photo of his back view before he quickly went off to retrieve his bike which was parked by the side of the road some distance back, and probably carry on with his work.

His name is CHAPIQ (I hope I remembered it correctly, and I hope I didn’t mess up the spelling of your name). THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. I AM SO THANKFUL. This took place at about 630pm.

The reason why I’m typing this, is not to draw unnecessary attention/flak to myself (which I am really not interested – so spare me the flaming), but the fact that in my ganchiongness and weariness, I had forgotten to AT THE VERY LEAST, buy him a drink to thank him!!!


From a Deliveroo rider to a Food Panda rider, THANK YOU! ????????????

And…. Thanks to my bf Leonard Quoh and my buddy Danson Fang Wei Sheng for rushing down together from Siglap with fuel to try to save me. I am sorry for making you guys make a wasted trip. BUT THANKS GUYSSSS DRINKS ON ME.

LASTLY, Appreciate if people can:

– refrain from making stupid comments such as “Because you female rider what.” I have never wanted to be associated with all that female rider hype, so please don’t start

– not suggest that I am exaggerating so much because it’s not much of a deal. Yes it’s not so much of a deal to you, but it is to me

– don’t ask me why I didn’t pump when I was already at reserve tank. My bike is 20 years old this year. It does not have a fuel gauge and sometimes people forget/miscalculate/become overconfident with their FC

– not tell me that I will be fined by TP/LTA for running out of petrol. By posting on FB my only goal is to reach out to the food panda rider to say thanks, and be reminded each and every year later by Facebook via Facebook’s On This Day feature to laugh at my stupidity, on this very beautiful Friday. ????????????

Thank you for reading my story. ????????????

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