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Deal with elitism by being a bigger elitist, says netizen on Facebook




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A Facebook post online has received much attention after one netizen attempts to teach everyone else how to deal with elitists.

In his post on Monday, he gave netizens an anecdote to illustrate his point.

“The best way to deal with pretentious elitists is to out-elitist them

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Them, smugly: all my children study in RI
Me, scowling in disgust: you let your children study in a local school?”

His post received 160 shares and about 150 reactions.

The author of the post, student Eddy Ika Atama, told TISG that his post was just a joke he made with a friend.

However, when asked what he thought about the prevalence of elitism in Singapore, he said, “It’s definitely an attitude that we see relatively frequently among the older generation but is largely rejected by the younger generation, and consequentially something that we’re moving away from as a society”.

He also added, “that the post was written with tongue in cheek and meant to highlight the absurdity of narcissism based on arbitrarily set standards, and was not meant as an attack on the “elite” but rather elitist attitudes”.

Netizens were more than happy to jump in and try their hand at being ‘more elitist’ than each other.


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