Home News Dead lizard allegedly found in new Milo refill packet made in Malaysia

Dead lizard allegedly found in new Milo refill packet made in Malaysia




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A netizen has alleged that he found a dead lizard inside a new Milo refill packet made in Malaysia. Sharing photos of the lizard online today, Soundra claimed, “Dead Lizard in Nestle Milo 1.1 Kg new unsealed Refill Packet…What is happening at Nestle Milo Malaysia?”

<Reader Contribution by Soundra>Is your milo you drink made in Malaysia? :O #MalaysiaBoleh "Dead Lizard in Nestle Milo 1.1 Kg new unsealed Refill Packet… What is happening at Nestle Milo Malaysia?"

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Friday, 29 June 2018

While the photos shared by Soundra quickly trended online and garnered over a thousand shares on Facebook, several netizens responding to his photos pointed out that Soundra mentioned that the packet was “unsealed”, leading many to believe that the lizard had fallen into the packet because he did not store it properly:

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Interestingly, another netizen reported a similar case of finding a dead lizard in a Milo Packet bought in Malaysia. In 2013, a netizen called Ameliaa Rizana shared in a forum that she only found the dead lizard in the Milo powder after she had served her family a round of Milo drinks:

“I would like to share with u guys what have i found in the MILO powder that i have bougt recently. The worst case senario is when my family has drank it at the first round without realising that “thing” is inside. My goodness when the second time I wanted to make Hot MILO for myself. I found this!!!

“My God i was like screaming like hell!! Its a DAMN F(&*& DEAD LIZARD we found in my MILO!?? It rotting carcasses..Can u emagine that u have drank at the first round??

“I have made complain to Jabatan Pengguna and I think they in the mid of investigate it and the MILO personal gave the respond where they wanted to take the evidance and do some lab check (this wut they told me). The most idot part they replace me the new pack of MILO which i reject it out front!! Who the hell wanted to drink it after what has happened?”

Closer to home, a Singaporean mother found a nasty surprise when she opened a pre-mixed Milo drink packet last May, only to find some sort of mould or coagulation in the drink, despite the drink still not being expired.

The Singaporean, Joanna, shared on social media that she had served the drink to her daughter and only discovered the disgusting contents of the packet drink when her daughter complained that the Milo was bitter and sour:

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