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Dash cam captured audio featuring argument between Grab driver and passenger, who accused driver of hitting his pregnant wife




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On Sunday, January 13, Grab driver Md Aza posted a video on Facebook that has since gone viral – while capturing his view of the road, his dash cam captured the audio of an argument between Aza and his passengers that got dramatically out of hand, with the man accusing Aza of hitting his pregnant wife at the end of the video.

Aza’s Facebook post included the dashcam video and this text:

“Even after i say ‘ I TRY MY BEST’ ..is not enuff and even threathened with rules of law…

India pax goes berserk mode when i call grab hotline and keep lying and saying to others that i hit his pregnant wife and saying that i dont care…even the wife shamelessly keep saying my fault…lucky buy new camera to protect myself

Crefull if u bump to them at 9 bukit batok street 22…”

You can watch the video here:


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Without the audio, the 5-minute video is uneventful and straightforward, like any successful Grab car trip. Information on the dash cam shows that the driver was driving safely, with speeds not exceeding 40km.

Turn on the audio, and there is nothing ordinary about this car ride.

Grab driver Aza was about his work on Sunday afternoon when he picked up his next passengers, a couple in the industrial district of Bukit Batok. What would later turn out to be a nightmare started normally enough, with a pregnant woman walking toward the car and the husband asking Aza to drive carefully in consideration of his expecting wife. Aza could be heard saying that he would try his best.

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A minute later, the passenger told Aza off for not driving carefully over speed bumps, warning Aza that they would ask him to drop them off somewhere if he did not drive safely. Aza once again assured the passenger that he would try his best and said that he could drop them off if they really wished to end the ride.

It should be of note that the video did not pick up any evidence of Aza driving recklessly, breaking the law or speeding. There was no difficulty on the road, and everything seemed to be going smoothly, except for things between Aza and the passenger.

The passenger continued to berate Aza and accuse him of not driving safely. The passenger seemed to be getting more and more agitated, even threatening Aza with the Road Traffic Act, though it can be seen that Aza was not driving recklessly or dangerously in any way.

Aza drove the couple to their destination. He managed to stay calm and not rise to the passenger’s bait for the duration of the entire ride.

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It seemed like things were winding down to an end when the couple arrived at their destination, but then things took a turn for the dramatic. The man began to shout and threaten Aza with the police, all because the Grab driver had tried contacting the Grab hotline.

The only thing we have to go on is the audio, as the dash cam was pointing forward to the road. The passenger became frantic, shouting accusations at Aza, who can be heard telling his passenger repeatedly not to touch him.

The door opens, and then the man begins to shout loudly that Aza had hit his pregnant wife. The wife chimed in with the accusations, while Aza said, “I never hit you, don’t lie!” to the her.

Before driving off, a man (presumably the husband) could be seen taking pictures of the car with his mobile phone. Aza then drove away.

In conversation with another media source, Grab said that they take the safety of their customers, drivers, and passengers extremely seriously.

“Grab does not tolerate such behavior and have temporarily suspended the passenger’s account while we do thorough investigations,” said a Grab spokesperson, noting that the ride-hailing company has reached out to Aza to provide support.

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