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CTE tunnel chain collision: Porsche ends up under Mazda




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Singapore — A traffic accident in a tunnel along the Central Expressway (CTE) saw a Porsche Boxter S end up under a Mazda 3.

The incident took place on Friday (Aug 28) evening and dashboard camera footage from a car behind the Porsche began circulating on social media and Whatsapp Messenger by 8 pm.

The footage showed vehicles that appeared to have been involved in a chain collision.

Here is the video of the chain collision that happened in the CTE tunnel today involving mutliple vehicles. It shows how…

Posted by ROADS.sg on Friday, August 28, 2020

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The dashcam footage, posted on Facebook page Roads.Sg, showed the driver of the Porsche getting out of the car. He appeared to be unharmed. It is not known if the driver of the Mazda also escaped unhurt.

The footage showed that at least 15 other cars ahead of the Porsche and Mazda had come to a complete stop in the accident.

Another video of the aftermath of the accident, this time circulating on Whatsapp Messenger, showed Traffic Police officers, tow-truck operators, medics and probably some of the car drivers and their passengers. An ambulance was also at the scene but it is not known who was injured.

The Porsche was still under the Mazda but only four of the cars in the earlier video remained at the scene.


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