SINGAPORE: A 14-second video of a nurse getting sideswiped by a van while riding on her scooter has gone viral over the past few days, garnering almost two million views on one social media platform alone.

In a post, the nurse’s POV (point of view) video was shared with viewers, who were left concerned after seeing the close call.

“To be honest, I was upset that the moment he alighted, (he) was ‘blaming’ me and pushing the fault to me,” she was reported to have said.

“He didn’t realise I have an insta360 which a 360 view will be recorded…when I told him I have a recording of the incident, he retaliated saying he do have too.

I told him it’s okay, I will show him my recording. When he saw the video, he still insisted it’s my fault, but later on told me how about private settlement.

He did look out for my safety when I was take photos of the damages. Not too bad after all. The time when he said to settle privately was after him seeing the video on my camera.”

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According to the post, the incident occurred on June 5 on TPE on the way to SLE at Exit 10.

Singaporeans rally behind solid video evidence

Many Singaporeans rallied behind the nurse after the video recording captured the close call between her scooter and the van. Many called for her to take the footage to the authorities.

“Take the private settlement and report to the police,” said one.

“The settlement to cover the damage to the scooter and the police report is because the driver is (stupid) and shouldn’t be driving a commercial vehicle as a job if he can’t even see (what’s) in front of him.

And report to insurance as well since the scooter rider is totally 100 percent not at fault in this case.”

Others called for the van driver’s license to be confiscated, with one writing, “Wow, she is so lucky she didn’t get knocked to the ground. The van driver should lose license for a long time.”

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“I hope the nurse is okay,” wrote another. “By the way, please share the details of the driver with the TP. It’ll protect tons of the people on the road.”

Still, one urged the nurse to wear more protective gear in the future, saying:

“You should also learn from this experience. Wear a full face helmet, gloves and mesh jacket. Stupid drivers are everywhere but regardless of what happens you will always get hurt if you fall.

Before people (would) say it’s too hot to wear gear, trust me sweat is better than blood.”