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City Harvest's Kong Hee in the spotlight again – this time for a healing miracle




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The man in the middle of the biggest corruption case Singapore has seen in years, Pastor Kong Hee, the senior pastor of City Harvest Church, is in the spotlight again. Only this time, for allegedly healing a Malaysian lawyer with a serious leg injury.
Pastor Kong was preaching in some churches in East Malaysia, and the incident happened there. The man, a lawyer of the High Court in Sabah and Sarawk said that he  was drawn to Pastor Kong Hee’s religious meeting out of curiosity. He wanted to see the preacher in the centre of massive legal troubles.
The following is what the Malaysian lawyer said on Pastor Kong’s Facebook.
“My name is Marcel Jude an advocate and solicitor of the High Court in Sabah & Sarawak. I am also a columnist in Borneo Post in Sabah. Early last September 2015 in the first week or so I was plagued with a very sharp pain in my left leg at the joint area.
It happened just after using a trolley to push books. I may have twisted something as a result I thought. The pain was excruciating and eventually swelling set in. The pain could be felt not just on the skin but the bone itself. As a result of the joint pain my foot began to swell due to edena until I could not wear my shoe.
Subsequently I went to the physio (physiotherapist) and the swelling of the foot and the edema went down. The pain in the joint area also decreased after I took Ibuprofen pills (pain-killers) but it never left for 6 months until last night (16 Feb).
In the beginning mobility was very difficult. I even used a walking stick. But eventually and slowly I didn’t need it anymore but the pain though reduced and bearable never really left.
I used to walk a fair bit before this suffering condition about 8km a day but I had to stop. I avoided stairs and if I used stairs it was one step at a time worst foot forward first. Getting up after sitting down was discomforting and sitting down after standing had to be undertaken with caution.
Carrying heavy things or loads were always to be be avoided and mobility was there but not in a buoyant style but in cautious mode. Driving or doing anything with the right leg involved a degree of pain and tiredness usually followed.
And the knee guard – I would always use the knee guard except at home and never left home without it. It became a favourite possession of mine almost like a mobile phone. I loved strapping it on and never felt safe or comfortable outside the house unless i had it on.
Yesterday 16th February 2016 at 8pm with knee guard on I went to see Pastor Kong Hee from City Harvest Church Singapore who was the speaker at Glory Christian Centre at Damai Luyang. My main interest was curiosity because of his legal troubles.
In fact I was even amazed he would be travelling outside Singapore to preach given his current circumstances and situation. I expected to see a man in very sombre mood. Instead here was a man who was totally immersed in the joy of the Lord. He seemed to be the happiest person in the auditorium. I could not believe it. Either he was in a state of divine joy or a raving lunatic in a state of denial!
Bear in mind I am lawyer not easily given to jump to conclusions but always making delayed and impartial assessment of events as any legally trained person would do. There was in him no sadness or regrets or nothing to show the immense burden on his shoulders.
During the service the Pastor begin to pray for sick people and told everyone to place their hands wherever it was they were sick… ie heart, cancer, skin diseases etc. He didn’t say anything about joint pain or legs etc.
Anyway I just placed my hand on my right leg as a matter of formality so to speak. I didn’t expect anything just a routine response when someone prays for the sick at conventions or meetings. We were standing for long periods and I did feel tired but suddenly I felt like some pressure of the pain was gone I touched the area of my leg and it felt like different.
I started moving my leg around and bending it, something I had avoided for nearly 6 months. There was no knee jerk pain to stop bending or moving. I pulled out the knee guard. I could still feel the sore part where the bone met the skin but it was more like tiredness pain instead of constant pain.
I began to be more mobile with my right leg and after the service I had the option of using the escalator, the lift or the stairs. I chose the 3 flight of stairs and instead of injured foot first I went down like other normal people. There was no discomfort to inhibit my mobility though I walked carefully.
I forgot to mention that towards the end of last year I attended a medical talk for doctors in KK (Kota Kinabalu) and I met a very high ranking doctor whose preliminary assessment was I had a kind of arthritis which could not be healed It was going to deteriorate in the course of time. I was scheduled to see him for tests but missed the appointment.
It is now 17th of February, 9 (in the morning) and nearly 12 hours since I don’t feel the pain or discomfort in my right leg. Notice I have avoided any adjectives or conclusions such as I have been healed or who healed me, etc.
I am trying as a lawyer to report facts without drawing conclusions. You can draw your own.”Follow us on Social Media

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