International Business & Economy Circle Line may be plagued by disruptions 4 days in a row

Circle Line may be plagued by disruptions 4 days in a row




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SMRT Tweeted early today morning (1 Sep) that signalling problems continue to plague its train operations in the Circle Line.
1The Tweets advised commuters to plan for a longer travel time.

SMRT said that the problem is caused by “signal interference, causing intermittent loss of signal between trains and stations.”

It further added: “We are working round the clock to restore service levels. However, as the CCL runs underground, trackside checks and physical interventions can only take place after operating hours although backend system checks are being conducted throughout daylight hours.”

SMRT’s Vice-President of Corporate Information and Communications Patrick Nathan said yesterday (31 Aug) that initial investigations showed “possible signal interference in tunnels, causing loss of signal between the trains and stations” – which its engineers had yet to confirm – and that SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) are working with Alstom to rectify the fault “as quickly as possible.”

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