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Christian pastor helps Hindu man locate his dead mother’s grave because he wanted to talk to her




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Sandhu, a Christian pastor, said in his Facebook that he helped two complete strangers close to midnight yesterday. The men were trying to locate a Hindu cemetery as one of them wanted to speak to his mother who had committed suicide in the 1980s.

Pritam said that when he arrived at the burial site, he found it to be eerie, but that he had no thoughts of ghosts or evil spirits. He just wanted to help these men who seemed lost.

The man who was searching for his mother’s grave said that he wanted to talk to his mother because he wanted peace. According to Pritam, the woman, Letchimi, committed suicide by jumping down 12 stories from a HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio, and that she failed in her attempts to get her children to end their lives with her.

A check in the National Library newspaper archives showed that a woman by the name of Letchimi did jump to her death from the 12th floor in Ang Mo Kio in May 1983.

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Screengrab: http://bit.ly/2wSCDRh

Letchimi’s son told Pritam that he could not study after the incident. He failed every year from Primary 1 to Primary 4and finally dropped out of school. He has since worked many odd jobs and and is now working as a cleaner.

. . . I helped two complete strangers Vijay Kumar and Maniam this late evening 11pm-1am. I was driving on this very…

Posted by Pritam Singh Sandhu on Saturday, 26 August 2017

Just in case you can’t see Pritam’s post, this is what he said.

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I helped two complete strangers Vijay Kumar and Maniam this late evening about 11pm-1am. I was driving in this very dark quiet road of Jalan Lekar after giving the SAIF-10th Anniversary Invitation Cards to Hiding Place in Old Chua Chua Road.

I saw two men walking along this deserted road and prompted by the LORD, I stopped my van along the road to help. My thought was, “What are they doing here at this hour of the night”. They ran towards my van and said, “Is there any Hindu Cemetery here. I want to talk to my mother.” . . . . I said, from what I know, there is only Chinese, Christian, Jewish and Muslim cemeteries in Chua Chu Kang.

I have never heard of Hindu cemeteries. All Hindu’s cremate and throw the ashes into the sea. Viajy Kumar said, “No, my mother is buried in a Hindu cemetery and I want to talk to her. I have no peace for many days.”

I TOLD VIJAY KUMAR I WILL HELP HIM. . . . I said this is a very big place, very quiet and very dark that goes for miles and miles. I took my phone and Googled Hindu Cemeteries Singapore. I got into a blog and later I GPS that site. We could not find Chua Chu Kang Cemetery Path 33. I drove a few times up and down and Googled again and came to a place near there. The GPS said, “You have arrived at your destination.” – It is in the middle of no cemetery but just grasses and trees. I thought, “Maybe they have exhumed all the graves.”

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I checked the blog again and then driving . . . and looking out, saw the sign board, HINDU CEMETERY.

Finally, we have arrived at the place. DESTINATION REACHING SOON.


I told Vijay Kumar. God is good we have arrived here. It literally is close to midnight. He told me his mother’s plot is 153. Her name is Letchmi. She commited suicide by jumping down 12 stories from a HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio in Singapore.

Vijay Kumar told me, “WHEN I WAS 3 YEARS OLD, MY MOTHER THREW ME 12 STORIES FROM A FLAT AND THEN SHE JUMPED DOWN.” . . . . there was long pause. I put my hands on him and said, I am sorry to hear this. He told me his mother Letchmi died instantly. He survived when he landed on the trees and then fell again to the ground. His left arm is broken but otherwise he will well. This news was published in the newspapers and he has documents with him.

Because of the fall, he couldn’t study. He failed from Primary 1 to Primary 4 in the Mono Class at Chong De School in AMK. He failed every year and finally dropped out of school. He has worked in many odd jobs and and is presently working as a cleaner.

FUNERAL PLOT NUMBER 153 – now where is this? There is no numbered markings on the graves. I told them I will shine the high beam light and we will search for number 153 in this pitch darkness. We looked and look and the burial area is so huge stretching over mounts and mounts. We walked further in, and it became darker.

I just wore slippers. I told them there are snakes here. Cobras, pythons, all types of creepy crawlies. We walked in the semi-darkness and then darkness looking for Funeral Plot 153. We saw many very old burial plots, as old as me. 1964 – the year I was born. Yikes!

I told Vijay Kumar, this is going to be very difficult. We walked very far into the darkness looking at all the burial grounds and graves, over grown shrubs, tombstones . . . WHAT AN INTERESTING EVENING AND I WAS NOT EVEN AFRAID. NO THOUGTHS OF GHOSTS, EVIL SPIRITS OR DEVILS OR WHATEVER. MY MISSION IS TO FIND FUNRAL PLOT 153 – LETCHMI (:

WITH ALL THE GRAVES TO THE LEFT, RIGHT, INFRONT AND BEHIND US, I ASKED VIJAY KUMAR WHETHER I CAN PRAY FOR HIM. HE SAID, “YES PRAY FOR ME. I NEED PEACE.” I laid hands on him and prayed for him. He really appreciated this simple prayer of mine.

Both Vijay and Maniam were so thankful to me. Vijay Kumar wanted to talk to his dead mother who passed away exactly 32 years ago, but he ended talking to a Pastor.

I drove Maniam back to Bukit Batok and dropped Vijay Kumar near there. I gave Vijay Kumar some money to take a taxi home. It is almost 1am and there is no public transport. Vijay Kumar wanted to sleep in some park or under some flat. I said, “No, go home and sleep well. Any extra money use it for your food.” He said that is too much money. I said, just keep it. You will need it.


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