International World Chow Yun-Fat's wife: I'm the real God of Gamblers

Chow Yun-Fat’s wife: I’m the real God of Gamblers




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Contrary to the common belief that Mr Chow Yun-Fat is a classic God of Gamblers, he had shown no sign of interest in gambling in real life. The myth was attributed to ’80s film God of Gamblers, which marked the Hong Kong star’s milestone in his career as an actor, with his iconic sleek comb-back and a classy jade ring.

“He is not the God of Gamblers, I am the God of Gamblers!” proclaimed Ms Jasmine Tan, Mr Chow’s wife, who is a Singaporean.

Speaking to Hong Kong’s Apple’s Daily, the 57-year-old shared about her victorious gambling legends.

“Every Chinese New Year, a group of friend would gather at our place, for a battle of gambling. However, I would be the host,” she said, giggling, “he would be serving and attending to us.”

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“I’m somehow gifted with gambling fortune. I didn’t even need that pair of contact lens to cheat,” Ms Tan said, referring to the special contact lens Mr Chow wore in God of Gamblers.

“Every year, friends would lose all money, and they had to find ATM for more cash to continue the game,” she shared while laughing, “there’s no secret to win. I think it’s got to do with the attitude – I always think it’s good if my friends can win. But I always ended up being the winner. It’s so funny.”

“It seemed like I had some magic power to control the game as I was winning in a row. They were really pissed off. They looked like they went crazy, sweating heavily while standing on the chairs. ”

“Then my husband commented: ‘I’m not the God of Gamblers, you are’,” she chuckled.

Having been known as Hong Kong’s favorite couple, Ms Tan told the paper that Mr Chow keeps the sparkles alive with occasional surprises such as buying her flowers and cooking crabs for her.

While the pair had not intended to raise a child after the loss of their first daughter, they continued to do good to the society using their assets.

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