Home News Changi homeowners find 1.5m-python wrapped around their birdcage

Changi homeowners find 1.5m-python wrapped around their birdcage




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A family living at a Loyang Townhouse in Changi received a shock this morning when they found a python wrapped around a birdcage housing their pet parrot in their home.

46-year-old roject manager Melvin Yap recounted that he was sound asleep at about 6.30am when he was awoken by screams. He told reporters:

“My wife (had) come back from the night shift, my domestic worker was feeding the bird – both of them didn’t see the snake at first. Then my domestic worker shouted, ‘snake!’ Then after that everybody started screaming.
“I was upstairs sleeping, at first I thought it was a lizard or a cockroach.”

He rushed downstairs and found the large python trying to eat his bird: “It was outside wrapped around my birdcage; it tried to eat my pet bird.”

The family managed to guide the snake into a plastic bag with a spade, before sending the reptile to the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) this afternoon.

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1.5m-python found at townhouse in Changi

WATCH: This 1.5m-long python sssslithered its way into a townhouse in Changi this morning – but was promptly caught by the home owners.(Video: Melvin Yap)

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Monday, 30 October 2017

Mr Yap said that ACRES would most likely release the python back into the wild after microchipping it. He added:

“They were grateful we didn’t kill it. Most of the time, out of fear or ignorance, people can kill (them).”




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