International COVID 19 CGH denies that man suffered 3 strokes because of Covid-19 vaccination, family...

CGH denies that man suffered 3 strokes because of Covid-19 vaccination, family appeals for MOH help with bills

Financial aid for patients who suffer serious side effects after Covid jab




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Singapore — A 48-year-old man had three strokes after receiving his Covid-19 jab on Apr 18.

He was admitted to Changi General Hospital (CGH) where he temporarily lost his vision.

But the vaccine did not cause these complications, according to the hospital’s preliminary assessment, reported 8world  news.

He would be eligible for financial assistance if the vaccine harmed him.

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The man’s sister-in-law,  Jo-ann Tan, has been sharing updates about his condition. In a Facebook post on Sunday (Apr 25), Ms Tan wrote that her “brother in law is more responsive today. He can move his left leg and little of his right hand. Open his eyes more when we talk to him”.

It was an improvement from his condition described in her first post on Apr 22. She wrote that in the hospital, on “20 April, he suffered his third stroke, while still on endotracheal tube and heavily drugged”. A doctor informed them that evening that his condition had worsened and the family should visit him immediately.  He also had to undergo emergency brain surgery to reduce pressure on his brain.

In her update on Sunday (Apr 25), Ms Tan said she had asked for a second opinion on her brother-in-law’s condition.

“CGH has approved our request. The hospital is now facilitating the request. With such massive and serious stroke, neurosurgeon agrees that second opinion may help”, she added.

Because of her brother-in-law’s high medical bills, Ms Tan has appealed to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for help.

“Is the medical condition caused by the vaccine?” she asked in her post. If the vaccine is to blame,  he would be eligible for special assistance.

“To apply for VIFAP, one needs to get a doctor certification to prove that the severe side effects suffered is caused by the vaccine,” Ms Tan explained.

“The Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme for COVID-19 Vaccination (VIFAP) provides one-time goodwill financial assistance to persons who experience serious side effects that are assessed to be related to COVID-19 vaccines administered in Singapore,” says the Ministry of Health (MOH) website.

“To qualify for the VIFAP, individuals must be a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or long-term pass holder who has received the Covid-19 vaccination in Singapore, and experienced a serious side effect that is potentially life-threatening or fatal, and has required inpatient hospitalisation or has caused persistent incapacity or disability. The serious side effect must be assessed by a doctor to be linked to the individual’s Covid-19 vaccination,” the MOH website adds.

That is why, said Ms Tan, the family was thinking of VIFAP for her brother-in-law.

But she was not sure if there was sufficient “medical proof” that his condition was caused by the vaccine.

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