International Business & Economy Cautious shopper scammed by -based online store with UK address

Cautious shopper scammed by China-based online store with UK address




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A Facebook user Melody Chen said that she was scammed by a syndicate from and was a victim of online fraudulent transaction.
Chen said that she is usually very vigilant of suspicious scam sites and ver seldom reveal her credit card details for online payments, choosing Paypal instead. She said that there was a lapse in her judgment with the recent transaction because the online store had an extremely legit looking website from the UK.
The fraudulent transaction happened at the website A Google search for the website said the site cannot be reached because DNS address could not be found. According to an online scambusters website, a WHOIS check throws up the following details:
1Several other online shoppers have complained about the same online store in an online forum Scambusters New Zealand. The online store apparently uses many other URLs. Another online shopper who alerted the community in the Forum said: “They are posing as a NZ based online retailer, but this is actually one of countless other versions run in various countries.”
Chen who said that she was still in shock noted that the online store sells all sorts of stuffs that buyers would want, from Pandora jewelery to Nike shoes.
“(But) once the money goes to a ZLT Trading Technology, Beijing, China, it can never be credited back to your account. They shut down the site swiftly and start another,” Chen said.
According to a website Small Business Trends, these are the tips for preventing an online credit card fraud.
1. Be wary of expedited shipping when billing and shipping addresses differ.
2. Make sure IP location and credit card address match up.
3. Watch out for suspicious email accounts.
4. Do some research on that suspect address.
5. Keep a log of credit card numbers.
6. Consider using a fraud profiling service.
7. Restrict the number of declined transactions.
8. Always require the Security Code.
9. Ship your orders using tracking numbers and require signatures.
10. Strengthen your website security measures.

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