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Cancer-stricken mother is reunited with her long lost son thanks to the power of the Internet




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By Laura Zhang/

The Independent published a search notice, last Monday (16 Oct), in an attempt to help a warded mother Mdm Wang find her long lost son, Mr Wang Jia Min, before passing on. Within four days, Mr Wang was found after the story circulated. He then contacted the family, before paying a visit to his mother in hospital last Sunday (22 Oct).

Joey Heng, daughter of Mdm Wang, spoke to The Independent over the phone to express her thanks. She said that Mr Wang was contacted by Housing & Development Board (HDB), despite the fact that he had changed his given name and moved out of the flat he used to share with his biological parents and siblings.

Ms Heng said:

“My mother couldn’t see and speak. Although we hope he could have been found earlier, we are still content with the outcome. At least her final wish has been fulfilled.”
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“In fact, we hope she stays unconscious like this. Any moment when she’s awake, she experiences excruciating pain,” Ms Heng added, noting that her mother has been given morphine to deal with the pain she experiences.

According to Ms Heng, Mr Wang, 50, visited his mother in the hospital for about an hour. He stood by the side of Mdm Wang while talking to her.

His adoptive parents apparently passed away a few years ago.

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