Asia Malaysia Calls to 'tangkap Najib' immediately rising in Malaysia

Calls to ‘tangkap Najib’ immediately rising in Malaysia




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With the 1MDB investigation going full-fledged, the expectations among the Malaysians are that ex-PM Najib Razak is brought to justice without delay.

But Najib walked free from the 1MDB building at Putrajaya for the second time, after going home after the grilling on Tuesday and Thursday.

There was a sigh of exasperation from the population – certainly from those that voted for the Pakatan Harapan.

And this exasperation is nearing new highs with Najib playing sleuth in his Facebook posts.

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Yesterday, Najib attacked Mahathir on the economy, defending his role as Minister of Finance. But today he attacked Lim Guan Eng, the new Minister of Finance.

And these attacks against the Pakatan leaders are pushing netizens to the boiling point, with calls to bring him to justice the soonest possible growing.

Najib, in his Facebook page, said he was glad that LGE finally vindicated his claims that the national debt was not at RM1 trillion as claimed by Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

LGE yesterday clarified how the Pakatan government came to huge debt figure.

But today, Najib said LGE’s statement meant that the official federal government debt remains at RM686.8 billion (50.8% of the gross domestic product, or GDP) – not 65% or RM1 Trillion as previously claimed.

“The previous government had always complied with international public debt reporting guidelines as defined by the IMF and World Bank. Therefore, the figure of 50.8% is a universally accepted measurement.

“Contingent obligations, such as guarantees, have never been included in the official measurement of government debt, not even during Tun Mahathir’s previous reign,” he wrote.

But the response Najib is getting from Netizens for fighting back is bordering anger and a complete disrespect for the fallen leader.

Instead of focussing on replying to Najib’s remarks on the economy, the Facebook users are asking Najib to explain the stash of cash found in his house.

Police today said some US$28 million were counted so far from bags full of cash that was seized last week.

Netizens are also asked Najib if he could have access to Facebook once he is jailed?

Another user said it was time to catch Najib and jail him.

Since the fall of the Barisan Nasional regime, the Najib Razak official Facebook page has become – once again – the playground for anti-Najib netizens.

In the run-up to the elections in Malaysia, Najib had his Facebook page comments cleaned up to portray absolute support in his leadership.

Anti-Najib comments, which were numerous on the page, were removed automatically and replaced with ‘I Love PM’ comments from automated responses.

But under the Pakatan government, the people are letting free their sentiments about Najib, intertwined with one or two comments from Najib’s supporters.

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