According to a Dispatch report, BTS’ Jin is set to carry the torch for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

He will participate as a torchbearer and soon leave for France, though the exact dates and locations remain undisclosed.

Following his military discharge, Jin has been increasingly active. Besides the torch relay, he is currently recording new music.

Photo: Instagram/Jin

Various torchbearers

The Paris Olympic torch, lit in Greece, arrived in France last month and will journey through over 400 locations, covering about 12,000 kilometres before the opening ceremony on June 27.

Around 11,000 torchbearers, including Jin, notable athletes, Holocaust survivors, relatives of Nice terror attack victims, astronauts, and sanitation workers, will participate.

The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics will occur from June 27 to Aug 11, featuring over 15,000 athletes from 206 countries competing in 329 events across 32 sports.

Up to 142 participants from South Korea will compete in 21 disciplines, hoping to win gold in taekwondo, fencing, badminton, and archery. The farewell ceremony for the Korean team is set for July 9.

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Sweet vocals

Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok Jin, was born on Dec 4, 1992. Known for his sweet vocals and striking visuals, Jin often takes centre stage in BTS’s powerful ballads.

Three solo tracks—”Awake” (2016), “Epiphany” (2018), and “Moon” (2020)— were co-written and released with BTS by Jin.

He ventured into solo work with the digital single “Tonight” in 2019 and made his official solo debut with “The Astronaut” in October 2022, collaborating with Coldplay on the track.

After completing his mandatory military service in June 2024, Jin has been active, participating in the 2024 BTS Festa celebration and filming upcoming variety shows.

Reports show he might star in the outdoor reality show “The Half-Star Hotel in Lost Island,” marking his return to variety shows.

Fans often call Jin “Worldwide Handsome” for his self-proclaimed global appeal. Known for his humour and wit, Jin frequently lightens the mood within BTS. He also enjoys cooking and is a big foodie.

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