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Bridal studio and photographer of viral Facebook post of wedding photos strike back with humility




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Facebook user Jaclyn Ying on Sunday (10 Apr) shared some pictures of her wedding to express that she was sorely disappointed with the photographer’s work.
She said that the couple took “one of those “bao ka liao” wedding packages that included actual day photography from a pretty reputable bridal shop” but that the photographs turned out real bad.
Jaclyn said that her post was not to “flame and shame”, but she did say that the photographer’s work were “first-date-and-you-clog-the-toilet-with-your-pangsai bad. Or, trust-a-fart-and-a-bit-of-poop-comes-out bad”.
Jaclyn’s post has had over 15,000 shares on Facebook.
Yesterday, the couple’s wedding photographer, Chung Siew Goh, shot back. In a facebook post, Chung said that he worked 10 long hours for the couple and edited over 900 photos for them, but that they used less than 20 pictures to criticise his work in order to get a cash refund.
Chung further claimed that the couple put up the pictures in her Facebook to “spoil our (his company’s) reputation”, which he said is not fair them. He later took down the post and made another one soon after.
In the new post Chung was more tacky and apologised to the couple for the 20+ bad photos taken at their wedding. “My bridal company and I could have done better by QC (quality controlling) and removing them first before giving to you,” he said.
“I received $350 for this full day wedding photography & editing assignment, and I should have done better,” he added.
Chung said that his usual practice was to give the bridal company all the actual day photos and the bridal studio in turn would hand them to the couples tying the knot. He said that this episode had taught him a lesson that he should edit the bad pictures from the good ones before handing them over to the bridal studio.
“I sincerely hope you find the remaining 800+ photos good. I thoroughly enjoyed covering your wedding that day,” Chung said in profusely apologising and offered to buy them coffee to apologise in person for the inconvenience caused.
The photographers new post got mixed responses from Facebook users. Some though were surprised that the photographer was paid just $350 for 10 hours of photo-shoot.
Meanwhile the bridal studio, engaged by the couple has taken to Facebook as well. In posting some nice pictures of the married couple, the studio Feline wedding said, “we may not been the best but here we have done our best.”

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