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Brawl erupts between Singaporean and Malaysian during massive jam at Second Link




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The drivers and passengers of a Singapore-registered vehicle and a Malaysia-registered vehicle became embroiled in a fight during a massive traffic jam, along the Singapore-Malaysia Second Link. According to the Chinese daily, the altercation erupted after the Singapore driver allegedly hit the back end of the Malaysia-registered car as he tried to overtake.

Facebook user Jun Ye Wu posted a video capturing the incident on social media, this past Sunday (17 Jun). Revealing that he was wary of becoming pulled into the altercation, Jun wrote: “Second Link Singapore Malay vs Malaysian Chinese. Don’t ask me why I don’t help because I don’t want to get into trouble outside of custom. Who’s wrong with who’s wrong to watch film.”


In the video, the drivers and passengers from both vehicles can be seen arguing although what they are saying is mostly unclear. Shortly thereafter, the Singapore driver dressed in black goes back to his car and tells his companion, “let’s just go.”

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The Malaysian driver dressed in a yellow T-shirt and his female companion, however, continue to shout at the Singapore driver and threaten the driver that they will take photos. The Singapore driver responds, “Take, take!” as he alights his blue vehicle with his own phone, commenting to his friend, “He thinks I’m scared of him or what?”

This prompts the Malaysia driver to approach the Singapore driver and put him in a headlock before dragging him to the side of the road as he says that the Singapore’s driver has too much attitud and adds, “If I don’t beat him, how can I take it?”

At this point, the friend of the Singapore driver joins the fray and puts the Malaysia driver in a headlock before throwing him on the road. This triggers the Malaysia driver’s female companion to rush in and slap the men to break up the fight as the Singapore driver shouts at her, “We were just talking but your man came at me.”

The video ends after the group is blocked by a car.

The altercation reportedly occurred during a huge traffic jam, in the middle of a long line of cars. Land routes between Singapore and Johor Bahru have been particularly clogged recently thanks to a plethora of issues.

The lack of scanning machines at the Second Link and the Causeway Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complexes cause bottlenecks. These scanners also break down frequently, causing traffic congestion.

Further, the Johor Works, Infrastructure and Transport committee claims that these jams are caused by Malaysian officers being late for work and using their mobile phones during working hours – resulting in the late openings of customs counters.

Citing feedback the special committee has received, committee chairman Mazlan Bujang told reporters that the group was formed to investigate these alleged disciplinary issues. He added: “We need to improve the situation at the CIQ to ensure that we can help reduce congestion. And, there is no point in playing the blame game as many agencies operate at the CIQ.”

The authorities are presently looking at installing surveillance cameras and adding more vehicle lanes to service commuters during weekend peak hours, in a bid to boost security and ease traffic at the checkpoints.

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