Home News Brad Bowyer no longer associated with Lim Tean’s People Voice party

Brad Bowyer no longer associated with Lim Tean’s People Voice party

The reasons for his separation remain unclear, although he did mention personal health issues




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Singapore – On March 28 (Thursday), former PAP turned opposition Brad Bowyer announced his resignation from the People’s Voice (PV) opposition party.

Through a post in his Facebook account, Bowyer said that as of March 24 (Sunday), he no longer has any direct association with Lim Tean’s opposition party.

The reasons for his separation remain unclear, although he did mention personal health issues. “The road has had its ups and downs as I had my own health battles to deal with but now, I am fully on the road to recovery, it has become clear that the next stage of my serving Singapore will likely lay on another path,” he wrote.

Bowyer was one of the guest speakers at the “Abuse of Process Rally” at Hong Lim Park on January 26 and has been with People’s Voice for two years. He recalls the experience to be an “interesting” one and said, “It has been an interesting 2-year experience as I contributed to Lim Tean and team where I could as he developed his party.

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Future plans

Bowyer added that he is currently uncertain where his next journey will be, but he promised to continue writing and posting in his Facebook page and releasing his weekly “Brads Bites” podcasts while searching for his “new path.”

He also expressed his interest in receiving suggestions and “good council” on his new route from the online community.

The concerned Singaporean went on to wish Lim Tean and the People’s Voice party all the best and thanked them for “the friendship and experiences [he] was accorded during the journey together.”

“At the end of the day we cannot always choose how we are called to serve but must accept the role that fate and the majority have dealt us to play and I feel in my heart my role now lies elsewhere,” Bowyer added.

Read the full post below:


“Good council”

While there is still no word from Lim Tean regarding Bowyer’s decision, netizens are already giving their suggestions for Bowyer’s next steps.

Hass Kamsun suggested joining the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and hinted that Bowyer would fit in nicely.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

A certain Kinkok Sin commented that whatever path Bowyer takes, it would hopefully lead him to become an opposition MP in Parliament, to which Bowyer replied, “My focus is a better Singapore, Parliament is secondary… Let’s see what happens.”

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Both Khong Marcus and Jack Ng suggested going independent although Bowyer replied that his path is still unclear and that what must be done with the numerous parties and ideas is a “consolidation, not proliferation.”

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Either way, we can be sure that Brad Bowyer will not “fade away.”

Photo: Facebook screengrab

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