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“Big fat liar” cabby who was asked to kowtow describes PRC Prof from LKY School

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The cabby who was allegedly insulted by a PRC professor has written to this publication to dispute the professor’s side of the story. A writer for this publication had earlier reported:

“When the media approached Huang for his side of the story, he blamed cabby David for starting the confrontation.

He said that the audio recording only captured 1 part of their conversation.

He however, admitted that David did help him with his luggage at the airport and on the way to Bukit Timah, their conversation inside the cab was good.

But after arriving at the destination and receiving the change, Huang claimed that Cabby David said to him, “Why don’t you get out?”

Huang said that at the time, the cab door was already opened and one of his feet was already out of the cab. He was ready to get off but because his wallet had a lot of banknotes from the various countries, it took him a bit of time to put the change back into the wallet.

Being educated in America, he felt that the cabby shouldn’t use the term “get out”, which is considered rude in America.

He added that since he had paid for the cab fare, he shouldn’t be “rudely” treated. Hence, he insisted that the cabby should step out of the cab to open the door for him in order to “show respect”.”

Read the full story here: https://theindependent.sg.sg/prc-prof-from-lky-school-wants-cabby-to-kowtow-to-him/

The cabby who identified himself as ‘David’ said that he will not be pursuing the matter any further, but not before calling the professor a “big fat liar”. Claiming he never once said “get out” rudely, the cabbie shared with us the dashcam video from his taxi which captured the entire incident.

David described the video a downsized “recorder file minute before arrival and on and after arrival.”
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