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Benz driver knocks down passerby and showed no remorse




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A video of a woman speaking in heavily accented Mandarin arguing with bystanders has gone viral. The video shared by the Facebook page Roads.sg showed a motorcyclist lying on the road while the woman quarelled with passersby at the kerb over the accident.

The Page said that the accident happened at Old Airport Road in front of food centre at pedestrian crossing, and that the driver of the vehicle (SFN623H) showed no remorse at all after knocking down the pedestrian.

The woman accused the passersby of being busybodies saying they were not involved in the accident. At one point, she even said in Mandarin: 我们闯人,okay不用紧 (Translation: When we knock onto someone, it’s okay, never mind.)

Midway through the video, a man can be seen hitting the woman on the arm when she splashed water at him. The man in return took a plastic bag and threw it at her. The man was eventually restrained by others. The others could be heard advising the man to let police deal with the matter.

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Facebook users who commented on the video were outraged by the behaviour of the woman and wondered why she did not offer any help to the person involved in the accident.

Facebook user Huang Jingwen’s comments had the most likes and he said: “What has this country become? Where is Singapore’s identity? Who is to be blamed for opening the floodgate and invite these bXXXX here? We never had such arrogant drivers in yesteryear. Now with all these foreign trashes and bXXX behaving arrogantly, what is your stand as a true born Singaporean? It’s no wonder that man cannot stand it. Moreover, that lady looks a little high and is trying to flush herself down with the mineral water. Hello Traffic Police ?? what do you have to say?”

Facebook user Derick Tay said:  “back in China, drivers would rather the accident victims to die so they don’t have to pay for medical expenses of the victims for life. If a single one of them bring such mentality here then it’s gg for us. U can buy a S class, but u can never buy class.”

Others like Andy Ye however said: “She sounded like taiwanese. She admitted her mistake, people surrounding her shouldn’t be questioning her, we should leave it to the police to handle the situation. And the video did not show the whole story for us to judge.”

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