International Business & Economy Bedok renovation company disappears and leaves 10 families who had made full...

Bedok renovation company disappears and leaves 10 families who had made full payment in the lurch




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A renovation company has allegedly scammed over ten families, accepting full payment for renovation works and disappearing without finishing the works it had committed to completing.

The company, Reka Bina Pte Ltd, allegedly circulated the following message to its clients in which it claimed that the company is shutting down with immediate effect due to financial issues and that it is unable to continue any renovation works it had committed to.

An individual believed to be the owner of Reka Bina Pte Ltd also added that he is in the hospital for “heart issues” and that the company had no intention to “create any unpleasant experiences for all customers involved”:

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Facebook user Nor Firos first posted the screenshot of the message that was forwarded to him by his aunt, Busu. Taking to social media. Nor Firos wrote: “Senang je stakat msg eh. Bussiness failure ke ape ke not our problem. That is ur company problem. Now ok la having failure right so rekabina is seizing all operation ok fair. Return all of this guys money. Then can talk”

The unnamed administrator of Facebook page All Singapore stuff further alleged:

“My family and about ten other families have engaged this company for our home renovation and money has been fully paid.
“Delays has been going on. First, a worker met and accident, then worker mia, then worker run away with company fund, then not enough workers and etc etc.
“This morning, we received a very shocking and unexpected message from the owner, saying there’s “very serious financial complication”
“We would like to know if there is anymore victims by the same company so that we can atleast fight for this case together to get back our money.”

A quick search on Google shows that Reka Bina Pte Ltd used to operate from 349 Bedok Road:

A link that leads to their official Facebook page shows that the page has either been disabled or made private:

A search on the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’s (ACRA) website on Reka Bina Pte Ltd shows that the company is still registered as a live company at this time:

According the, which lists Reka Bina Pte Ltd as one of the top three renovation firms in Bedok, the company has done 1300 renovation projects so far.

It remains unclear what the affected customers are planning to do to seek compensation from Reka Bina Pte Ltd. Affected consumers with unresolved disputes against the company may approach CASE for help via their hotline at 6100 0315 or website.

Reka Bina Pte Ltd’s sudden closure that allegedly leaves several customers in the lurch comes after the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) announced today that it has received seven complaints since April on the closure of Milan Furnishings – a furniture shop located at Gambas Crescent that became registered last April.

CASE revealed that the delivery of furniture consumers had ordered had been delayed for several months. This after these consumers had paid in full or paid a deposit for furniture amounting to $14,000 in total. CASE added: “They recently found out that the shopfront had closed down and the business is now uncontactable.”

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