International Be careful, folks. Apparently "moronavirus" is contagious and it's only getting worse

Be careful, folks. Apparently “moronavirus” is contagious and it’s only getting worse

'Moronavirus' appears to be growing as “44 per cent of Republicans surveyed believe that Bill Gates will use the coronavirus vaccine to implant a microchip with a digital ID that would track the recipient’s movements”




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In another engaging opinion piece released on May 26 in The Sydney Morning Herald, columnist and author, Peter FitzSimons, shared his thoughts on what he considers a brand new pandemic, the issue of “moronavirus” and just how quickly it’s spreading.

Although there are a few different theories about how the term “moronavirus” first started, what is agreed upon by all is that it means the same thing, people around the world blindly believing that the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax.

Of course, ask the front liners who risk their lives every day to fight this very palpable and very fatal disease and they will be the first to tell you just how real it is. But according to the article, conspiracy theorists will even tell you that it’s all a grand plan that was invented and instigated by Bill Gates using 5G towers to help spread the virus so that, in FitzSimons’ own words, “he (Gates) can establish a world government led by him.”

While these conspiracy theorists can think what they want, what most of the world population knows for a fact is that at least 5.6 million people around the world have been infected, with the US population topping that list. Add to that the fact that the numbers continue to rise with Bill Gates nowhere near world domination, it makes you wonder why so many others, Australians alike, are jumping on the moronavirus bandwagon? Well, here’s what FitzSimons has to say about that.

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Simply put, FitzSimons explains “moronavirus is actually getting worse! And I don’t just mean the obvious, that a nation which 50 years ago was capable of putting a man on the moon, now has a man in the White House who publicly ponders the possible benefits of injecting disinfectants into the blood.”

FitzSimons’ also points out that the moronavirus has infected so many people that a Yahoo News and YouGov survey revealed that “44 per cent of Republicans surveyed believe that Bill Gates will use the coronavirus vaccine to implant a microchip with a digital ID that would track the recipient’s movements.” And in case you don’t want to believe him because it sounds utterly ridiculous, here’s the actual article as proof.

While the columnist points out that most of his own fellow Australians can laugh at this entire situation, the fact that some Aussies stood on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House in Melbourne with placards raised while they chanted “Lock up Bill Gates!” only goes to show that the moronavirus has managed to reach as far as down under.

Source: Screenshot from YouTube / 9 News Australia

In his commentary, FitzSimons also points out the article of another columnist for the Washington Monthly, David Atkins. He shared that Atkins wrote that it was the mainstream media’s fault as it had the “habit of presenting both sides of the partisan divide as being inherently worthy of respect and equal consideration, both as a way of shielding themselves from accusations of bias and as a way of maintaining their own sense of journalistic integrity.”

Atkins also adds to this the fact that the US President “Donald Trump’s own inability to string together coherent or consistent thoughts, [which] has led to a bizarre normalisation of his statements in the traditional media, as journalists unconsciously try to fit his rambling, spontaneous utterances into a conventional framework.”

Source: Screenshot from YouTube / Guardian News

Atkins also believes that unless the media finally call out Trump for all the – in FitzSimons’ own words – “batshit crazy” things he says, the issue of moronavirus is going to keep spreading.

So how is it expanding so fast, you ask? Atkins continues his narrative, “For a host of different reasons, core Republican voters have begun to reconstitute themselves as a conspiracy theory cult devoted to beliefs that were once relegated to the farthest fringe-fictions that cannot help but end in civil conflict and violence if they fully become canon among conservative voters nationwide.”

Atkins adds in his Washington Monthly narrative that to be considered a true blue Republican these days “requires believing in a jaw-dropping series of claims: a cabal of evil scientists is making up climate science in exchange for grant money, that there is rampant, wide-scale voter impersonation fraud carried out by thousands of elections officials nationwide; that the ‘Deep State’ concocted a scheme to frame Trump for Russian collusion but chose not to use it before the 2016 election; that shadowy forces are driving migrant caravans and diseases across American borders in the service of destroying white Republican America; that the entire news media is engaged in a conspiracy against the Republican Party … and so on.”

Now the question lies, how can this be fixed? Is there even such a way? According to Atkins, “The first step to fixing it is to call it what it is, no matter how uncomfortable that might be for institutions and journalism professionals who find that sort of language loaded with unprofessional bias. The truth is what it is, even if it requires rethinking the role of a responsible press in an era of white anxiety and mass social-media-fuelled disinformation.”

At the end of the day, with more than just the American public falling for Trump’s insane bleach theories, or citizens believing that Bill Gates is really trying to take over the world, and with journalism turning into political propaganda, it’s important to know the truth and make sure that anyone getting sucked into moronavirus finally wakes up to reality.

So how is that done exactly? It’s simple says FitzSimons, “Tell them the truth. This is batshit crazy.” /TISG

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