International Business & Economy Bad egg was the cause of maggots, Suki-ya restaurant at Bugis+ explains

Bad egg was the cause of maggots, Suki-ya restaurant at Bugis+ explains




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Facebook user Cailyn Tingting said that she was shocked to find maggots in her bowl at Sukiya restaurant at Bugis+. In sharing her video, Cailyn said that she only noticed the maggots when she was about to start eating. She added that she lost her appetite even before starting her meal.

Cailyn said that the restaurant just gave her another bowl when she brought up the matter to them.

Some commenters who responded to her video wondered how maggots could get on to an empty bowl, and wondered if it was sabotage. Others wondered if the bowls were washed properly in the restaurant. Some said that they were not going to eat at that restaurant anymore.

Facebook user Bonnie Wong, who claimed to be writing for Suki-Ya Management apologised to Cailyn for the bad experience at the restaurant. It is believed that Bonnie Wong is the Director of Marketing and Business Development of Creative Eateries who is in-charge of marketing plan for the restaurant.

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In her apology Bonnie said that the restaurant was “truly sorry for this incident.”

“Upon thorough investigation, it is conclusive that the maggots originated from a bad egg that had cracked and was taken from the buffet line, resulting in the maggots in the bowl,” she explained.

She further assured that the bowls in the restaurant are well cleaned before being used for service.

Bonnie added that the restaurant had trashed all the eggs from supplier and had also informed them about it.

“We also did a thorough check on the rest of our food supplies at the Bugis+ kitchen once again to ensure that the food we serve is not compromised,” she said.

And added: “We would like to repeat the apology extended to you while you were at our store. We hope that the service recovery extended to you earlier this evening will allow you to regain your trust in us.”

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