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Art teacher loses battle with cancer but not before saying some brave words

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A Malaysian publication The Coverage reported that many of a 21-year-old art teacher’s friends were shocked to see a post on her Facebook page after she had passed away. The note from Jesselyn Ng (who is listed as an National Institute of Education (NIE) teacher on her Facebook page), was actually written by the  her elder sister.

Jesselyn laid in bed and asked her sister to write down her last words, when she knew that she could not survive her battle with cancer. She battled the illness bravely for 10-months.

1Another publication World of Buzz reported that Jesselyn was kept alive during her battle with cancer by a life support machine and that her parents had to make a painful decision to take her off the machine to end her suffering.

The post her friends saw on her Facebook soon after she passed on said:

“To everyone who loves and cares for me:

Today, I”m saying goodbye. After 10 months of battling with cancer, I’ve decided I’m ready to go. Doctors have deemed my case as ‘medically futile’, so it means there’s nothing they can do for me anymore.

I never new how I contracted this illness, or how it could take my life away just like that. I never got a chance to say thank you to so many people who’ve been loving me and showing me support through this difficult time.

So thank you, everyone of you. Family, friends, friends whom I’ve not contacted or seen for a long time, and everyone else who came down, thank you. Thank you for coming down to say goodbye to me. Thank you for your letters, for remembering me. For all the beautiful memories we have made these 21 years. I have brought them along with me.

Papa, mummy, and jiejie, thank you for taking care of me tirelessly during this period. Despite having to work, you never stopped thinking of me. Thank you for sacrificing your time and sleep to be here for me all the time, talking to me and encouraging me to fight on

It breaks my heart…to see your worried faces and all of you crying…Don’t cry…because I’m in a better place now. I will no longer have to feel pain, I won’t suffer anymore. So please, cheer up, I don’t want to see all of you so sad, ok? ?

I am so touched by all the love I’ve received throughout this time. I promise I will be good where ever I’m going, and I will be happy.

Don’t worry about me everyone, I will be okay. I hope I meet all of you again next time. Until then, I will keep your love with me.

Goodbye for now, everyone <3

Love always,

Jesselyn (TinynMighty)”

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