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Another dispute broke out at the same Caltex Tampines station on the same day BMW saga occurred




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It appears that another dispute broke out at the Caltex petrol station at Tampines Ave 8 on the same day the viral altercation between a BMW driver and petrol pump attendant occurred.

This time, the issue was between a customer who blocked a driver’s way, engrossed in her phone, only to scold the driver when he sounded his horn for her to move away. The driver, netizen Desmond, shared online:

“I was very patient and waiting for the lady so that I could go to my desired pump machine. However, she suddenly stopped walked back. Therefore, I gave a honk.
“She was pissed that I honked and started scolding me. She was also blocking me from parking properly. In the first place, I don’t think she knew that my car was behind her as she was so engrossed in her phone.”

The woman reportedly yelled at the driver while pointing at him, asserting that he should not have honked at her as she was walking. Desmond shared that the woman made her way into the mini-mart to pay for her petrol thereafter.

The same day this exchange occurred between the driver and the woman, another dispute took place between another driver and an attendant at the petrol kiosk.

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The driver in that case had asked the attendant to fill his vehicle with $10 worth of petrol but was shocked to find that the attendant had filled a full tank of petrol, amounting to $135. The BMW refused to pay for something he had not asked and the elderly attendant agreed to cover the remaining cost, allegedly since he did not want to create an issue.

The case went viral after Facebook user Kelly Yeo shared the story online, painting the driver in an unfavourable light. Netizens excoriated the driver and released his private details online even as support poured forth for the attendant. Caltex also chimed in and said that it did not make the attendant cover the $125.

However, when a reporter from the Chinese daily visited the home of the BMW driver, he heard a different story:


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