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Angry ang moh protests with his skinnylicious butt for being honked at by local woman




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Facebook page Roads.sg shared the video of dispute between a pedestrian and a driver at a slip road along Keppel Road. The video showed the pedestrian, an ang moh gesticulating rudely by showing his middle finger because he was honked at by a driver who was turning into the slip road. The video showed the pedestrian crossing the road while looking at his mobile phone when the incident happened. He later protested by flashing his butt cheeks at the driver.

A man can be seen trying to intervene in the dispute between the driver and the pedestrian. The video showed the ang moh’s demeanour changing when he was confronted by the man.
Roads.sg said the video was shared by the driver, who it identified as ‘Kelly’, and she was quoted as saying:

“To the guy whose eyes are glued to your mobile phone whilst crossing the road: My first honk was so friendly that it became barely audible. The second honk, although louder than the first, was short and not meant to be offensive. I did it because I had to jam my brakes to avoid crashing into you.  

Yes, you have succeeded in your intimidation. I was totally shaken. But I sure hate myself for letting you go scot-free with such obnoxious behaviour. I should have reported it to the police, although I’m not sure which law will bring you down to your knees.

I hate it even more when I have to shame someone like this, but I have no other way to caution others, especially lone female drivers, of such behaviour and get them more prepared to deal with similar situations.

I hope you are proud of yourself and where you came from.”

The video has gone viral with over 1,500 shares and has drawn mixed comments from facebook users.

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