Home News Angmo who flaunted his wealth after attacking Singaporean teacher fined $2,500

Angmo who flaunted his wealth after attacking Singaporean teacher fined $2,500




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An angmo who throttled a Singaporean teacher by the neck and repeatedly knocked his head against a wall has been fined $2,500. The incident happened on 12 Aug 2014 at about 8am at the Safra Yishun McDonald’s restaurant. The angmo, Stefan Paul Afendoulis, was also ordered to pay compensation of $57 to Mr Toh Peng Hwee for his medical expenses.

Afendoulis, a Singapore Permanent Resident and a citizen of New Zealand, attacked the teacher after he accidentally bumped into the foreigner and both of them engaged in a shouting match. Afendoulis only stopped attacking the teacher when his wife and other bystanders pleaded with him to do so. The restaurant manager also had to intervene to diffuse the tension.

The angmo showed no remorse after attacking Mr Toh and told the victim in an arrogant tone that he is rich and will hire a lawyer. A LinkedIn search shows that Afendoulis worked as a Director with Axxiome Group at the time of the attack.

Afendoulis pleaded guilty to an amended charge of causing hurt after a 7-day trial on 18 Nov. The Kiwi’s lawyer said that his client did not plead guilt from the onset of the trial because the charge had stated that he repeatedly knocked the victim’s head against the wall.

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His lawyer also said that his client was engrossed with reading e-mails on his phone when he collided into the victim and that he was provoked after the victim shouted at him. He suggested that his client restrained Mr Toh by holding him by the neck because he believed that the teacher would assault him.

The Deputy Public Prosecutor said that there was absolutely no basis or reason for Afendoulis to have behaved in the way he did against a complete stranger.

“His actions were disproportionate to any perceived threat and the prosecution submits that the accused’s claims of acting ‘defensively’ should be wholly rejected,” he said. And added that although the victim’s injuries were not severe, he was “throttled” at the neck which caused him to have difficulties breathing.

The maximum penalty for causing hurt is two years’ jail and a $5,000 fine.

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