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Ang Mo Kio GRC is more than a local constituency




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Singaporean’s First is having a walkabout at AMK today between 3.30pm to 6.30pm. Below is the press release by SF. 

There are two key reasons why we choose Ang Mo Kio GRC for our next walkabout. Firstly, it is the Prime Minister’s ward. The PM decides on national issues. His election or non-election determines the fate of the nation. Voters in the constituency are electing a national leader, not just an MP.

Secondly, after having had our first walkabout in Mr ’s Tanjong Pagar GRC, a  visit to the son’s ward will highlight the dominant role of one family on the life of our nation. For 41 out of  the past 55 years,  Singapore has been ruled by a dominant family;  the PM has come from the same family in three-quarters of this period of rule; father 31 years and son 10 years.

Unique  Dominant Family

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It is a remarkable record, unequalled anywhere  in the recent history of elected leaders : Pakistan’s Bhutto family (father and daughter – 11 years), India’s Nehru-Gandhi family (father, daughter and grandson – 38 years), ’s Bush family (father and son – 12 years), Taiwan’s Chiang family (father and son – 36 years). The unique record goes to North Korea’s Kim family with a continuous period of 66 years’ rule by father, son and grandson. Will we see this happen in Singapore? “Not at the moment,” someone had said but the moment may come sooner than we expect.

What will we do in AMK GRC? Find out what  we will focus on when we meet the media at the end of the tour this Sunday 7 December at about 5.30 pm in the market/food court  at Block 724, Table 163. Our walkabout starts at 3.30pm from the coffee shop at Block 727, just opposite Courts.

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