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An Open Letter from one of our Readers




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An Open Letter from a TISG rearder

Dear Panel,

I would like to call your attention to the condition of the covered walkways sheltering blks 99 to 96 and blk 98 to the multi storey carpark in Aljunied Crescent, constituency of Marine Parade.

The “upgrading” works were commenced not too long ago and the shelters are already experiencing leakages during raining time.

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On a seperate matter, after the “Geylang East Market & Food Centre” was closed for upgrading works during the months of June to August, food prices there have risen almost two fold. A plain simple plate of “Mee Goreng” for example, now costs $4 per plate and a single “egg prata” can go from $2.20 onwards. Chicken rice & western food range from $3.50 – $4.80 for a mere portion.

Hawkers there blame it on inflation, beginning they say from NEA revising their rental to $1500 upwards since the renovations. I feel this is really unnecessary & not helpful towards this aging estate with myself being a senior citizen who has to bear the brunt & reel from the effects of rapid price increases.

The poportion of homeless & destitute feeding on leftovers is fast becoming a common sight in my neighbourhood, a direct result of the severe inadequacy of local social safety nets to cushion the impact. When I say this, I meant the local comcare network that is only able to provide $80 of NTUC vouchers once every 4-5 months, needless to mention the national one with no programs targeting elderly in need & which nobody ever seems to qualify.

In view of this, I hope the government can at least lower the rental rates which is definitely in their purview & control.

Yours faithfully,
Mdm J. Tan

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