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Amos Yee to be released on home detention




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Social activist Shelley Thio said in her Facebook that teen blogger Amos Yee will be released for Home Detention by the end of this week. The 17-year-old was given six weeks’ jail and fined $2,000 in total for eight charges on 29 Sep. Six of these charges were for intending to wound the feelings of Muslims and/or Christians.

Community Action Network (CAN!) writing in their Facebook on 19 Oct said that Amos Yee was assaulted while in prison. CAN! is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Singapore concerned about freedom of expression, and civil and political rights.

According to CAN!, the assaults happened after he was transferred from Changi’s Men’s Prison to Tanah Merah Prison. Quoting Amos, CAN! suggested that Tanah Merah Prison has mostly Malay youths.

“We have also been informed that he has been threatened, slapped on the back and kicked while he was climbing up the stairs.”

The NGO said that a complaint has been lodged with the Prison Authorities and that are looking into the matter. Amos’ mother put in an urgent request for Amos to be moved to Home Detention.

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