Home News Alleged cat killer gets attacked by cat feeder

Alleged cat killer gets attacked by cat feeder




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Facebook user Shafiq Khan shared a video of an old man with bleeding face. He had allegedly been punched bloody by a cat feeder for abusing a cat. Shafiq video clip postedĀ on 23 Dec has gone viralĀ almost 3,000 shares. He captioned his video: “Cat killer got his medicine. Usual cat feeder in the area found this man kicking and eventually killing a cat. The feeder taught him a lesson.”

It is unclear when or where the incident took place, but responders to the post suggested that it happened in Yishun, while others shared that it happened in Beach Road.

The video received mixed responses from other Facebook users. While most supported the actions of the cat feeder, some others said that the feeder should not have taken matters into his own hands but informed the authorities.

The video showed the man telling “call the police” before trying to stand up and walk away. He could not stand up and toppled over, presumably because of the blow to his face.

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