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Algae-covered concrete pavements at Woodlands re-rendered, thanks to the power of the internet




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Workers contracted by Sembawang GRC to re-render algae-covered concrete pavements around the foot of certain blocks in Woodlands appear to have completed rectification works.

Reddit user u/random_avocado has been following the progress on rectification works in the area and posted the image above online yesterday. This latest picture shows that the algae-covered concrete has been rectified and a fresh layer of concrete can be seen sitting in contrast to the weathered void deck concrete.

Meanwhile, hundreds of netizens agreed that it seems like the authorities only took action after pictures of the algae-covered concrete went viral online:

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Earlier, photos posted on Reddit and Facebook, showing the algae growth covering the concrete pavements around the foot of blocks in Woodlands, triggered immense criticism against Sembawang Town Council.

Criticism against the town council grew when another Woodlands resident, Facebook user Gnanasegari Rajesh, wrote that the area is only clean when the MPs do their walkabouts and that the area is usually “filthy dirty” despite multiple emails she has sent to the town council:

“I’m a resident from woodlands also. The areas are clean went MP meets residents. I’ve write emails to town council so many time & for the next few weeks it will be clean then back to square esp near rubbish chute. if yr clothing falls down u can never use it again. filthy dirty.”

In a response to the national broadsheet, a Sembawang Town Council spokesman acknowledged that there is algae growth affecting areas near blocks 870 to 882 and blocks 801, 802 and 804 near Republic Polytechnic, before pinning the poor state of the affected areas to “poor workmanship from the re-rendering of the concrete surface.”


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