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Aggressive PR from “very rich” family refuses to allow Singaporean to use one of five washing machines at Serangoon laundromat




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A video of a woman behaving aggressively towards a man at a local laundromat is going viral. According to the man, Facebook user Kenny Quek, the woman is a Singapore permanent resident who has apparently has a reputation for creating trouble at the laundromat at Blk 154 Serangoon North.

Sharing a video capturing part of the exchange, Quek shared on social media that the incident occurred at the laundromat yesterday, around 6.50pm. Quek claims that he visited the laundromat and noticed that the five washing machines that were available there were all full, even though the shop was empty.

Quek returned to the laundromat at 6.50pm and noticed just one woman waiting for her dryer load to finish its cycle. Noticing that all five machines had stopped washing, Quek approached one machine and placed the clothes within the machine to a basket provided by the laundromat, intending to leave the previous user’s laundry aside so he could use the machine.

Suddenly, Quek said that a woman appeared and shouted at him for touching her laundry and putting it into the basket, claiming that Quek’s hands are dirty and that the basket is “unhygienic” and full of germs. Quek said:

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“I told her the basket provided by the shop is for such purpose not to “jam” up other user. She refused to listen and say I touched her laundry with my dirty hands without her permission. She wanted to call the police and say she is from a “very rich” family she want to sue me in Court.”

Believing that he was not in the wrong, Quek invited the woman to call the cops and refused to give her his personal particulars when she demanded that he do so.

This was when the woman said that she was waiting outside the laundromat for the other woman to finish her load in the dryers. The woman apparently claimed that she will only empty the five washing machines when the other woman finishes with two dryers, even though the laundromat has four dryer machines.

According to Quek, the woman claimed that she only wants to use the two dryers that are elevated because she “don’t like and don’t want to use” the other two dryers. Quek lamented on Facebook: “SO ALL INCOMING CUSTOMERS CANNOT USE THE 5 Washing Machines until she empty it by herself. All user cannot use for the time being.”

Quek added that the police arrived soon and took his statement. This was also when Quek apparently found that the woman is a Singapore PR, when he saw her blue IC.

Sharing a video of the incident, Quek added that the woman tried to assault him but he dodged the blow: “I took a short video of her and her crazy ranting and yelling. She even tried slapping me but I avoided it only her finger touched my cheek.”

Quek further said that the woman kept repeating that she is “very rich,” that her “husband is a lawyer,” and that she wants to take Quek to court.

Quek asserted that the woman using the dryers is a witness to the episode and that this witness also reported that the PR “disturbed her before I came. She told auntie to stop spinning the dryer and let her use the top dryer and table.”

Watch the video here:


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