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A day of mixed emotions as SPF enlistees lose their hair & start a new life




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The first day for any servicemen who enlists for is always an emotional, and even confusing, one. There are many things to do, faces to remember, schedules to adhere to, and precious hair to be cut.

It is a day of mixed emotions, one in which the new recruits begin a new life in service of the nation.

is seen as a right of passage for male Singaporeans, where boys become men, as they cross from a carefree life to one where he must be prepared to lay down his life if it ever comes down to it.

“Through this unique experience, your sons will learn to work together with their peers and members of the public and understand what it is like to carry out their duties with courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness,” said Assistant Commissioner Lee Chin Ek, the director of Police National Service Department, in his address to the recruits and their parents.

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The New Paper was at the Home Team Academy to witness the first day of enlistment for the 167th intake of the force’s full-time national servicemen in April.

Here is a short video of what transpired on the day:

Singapore Police Force Enlistment: Day One

It's a mix of emotions for the recruits as the first day of enlistment into Singapore Police Force sees them lose their hair and say goodbye to the folks. Get more at http://bit.ly/2sgX5Wa

Posted by The New Paper on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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