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A Bully’s Merciless Pounding Of His Victim




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In one of the most distasteful and disgusting videos to date a boy aged who was aged something like 12 or 13 years old was beaten by a bully. The bully apparently had someone else by his side.

Speaking in Tamil the could be seen raining blows and kicks on the defenseless boy who could be seen crouching and shielding his face and body with this arms and hands. The bully also had yet another person – presumably a student from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) student – standing astride from him either to provide moral support or jump to the defence of the bully if and when the victim retaliates.

The boy could have taken a handful of blows and he was seen crouching on the toiler floor, apparently too frightened to stand up and face the bully, all of his own steam. The bully was seen saying in Tamil ‘if he will do it again’ and ‘I will break your face”, and taunts the victim as a way of insulting him.

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It is now believed that ITE Simei, has suspended the bully from schools

In adding insult to injury, the bully could even be seen smoking and posing for a picture of himself to be taken for possible uploading over YouTube or social media.

The Independent tried reaching out to ITE in Simei to get the bully’s identity but was not able to connect to any such school authority.

Recently a student from the ITE college in the western part of Singapore was captured on video slashing another over what was learned as an incident involving a female student.

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