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73-year-old man wants to be mobilized if Singapore goes to war, inspires same sentiment in others




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In the event that our forces might be required to take up arms, however unlikely, it’s good to know that there are many citizens who are willing to fight for the country.

This, apparently, includes one 73-year-old man and his 5 SIR friends. The unnamed gentleman had been “an army regular in his younger days,” Tan said in a comment.

Desmond Tan took to Facebook to post a photo of an elderly gentleman on Monday, December 10. He said that the uncle wanted his MP to assist him in writing a letter to Singapore’s Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) to ask the ministry to make use of not only his services but those of his presumably like-minded friends if they were needed in case of war.

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Tan added that he did neither believed nor wanted to see Singapore in such a situation, but he was obviously heartened by the elderly man’s show of unity with the nation.

Here is the text of Tan’s post in full:

“73 yrs old uncle wants the MP to help write a letter to mindef requesting mindef to mobilise him and his 5 SIR buddies if Singapore goes to war.

I do not think we will and do not wish to see Singapore going to war, but if it ever happens. I guess it is not about how many fighter jets or RSS we have, but it is the unity of our people (18 to 80 yrs old) that will see us through…”

Tan’s post, quite understandably, has garnered a lot of likes and shares, as netizens have expressed admiration for the older man’s heart and spirit.

The man’s attitude was certainly inspiring, and apparently he’s not alone. A woman named Jane Pak commented, “My hubby (64yrs) said the same thing the other day.”

Others were inspired by the older man.

Another man named Anwar Tahir said, “I am 63… count me in,” while netizen Gavin Neo commented, “Recall me and I will report within 45mins once I settled my kids at home.”

Rick Tan, “I not that old. In the 50s, count me in.”

Even 82 year old Simon Goh chimed in,  “I too will join him if required. I am his senior at 82+. I am able to handle weapons and most important I am very healthy, strong and mobile.”

Many others posted, “Count me in.”

Many others honored the uncle.



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