Lifestyle 6 interesting local podcasts worth tuning in to

6 interesting local podcasts worth tuning in to

Here's a round up of Singaporean podcasts you might want to tune into—whether you're into current events, comedy skits, serious topics, stream-of-consciousness-type talking or narrated stories




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If you’re getting tired of binge watching shows, why not give podcasts a try? Listening to podcasts is an interesting way to keep your mind occupied and learning, especially while doing daily (and often mundane) tasks such as folding the laundry, washing the dishes, and even driving to work.

There are a myriad of podcasts out there on a dizzying variety of topics waiting to be discovered. We’ve rounded up a list of Singaporean podcasts you might want to tune into—whether you’re into current events, comedy skits, serious topics, stream-of-consciousness-type talking or narrated stories, these local podcasters are definitely worth a listen!

Randomly Relatable SG 

Touching on local, relevant issues to which young Singaporeans can relate, the Randomly Relatable SG podcast proudly proclaims to be the “#1 youth podcast in Singapore. It is certainly a popular one with the younger set (though older folks enjoy it, too), and hosts Shuraim, Uwais and Sabrina are marvelous, witty and funny as they discuss issues both light and lofty.

Randomly Relatable SG releases new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9pm on Spotify, Apple podcast and Google Podcast.

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The Tea with Dee

The Tea with Dee brings listeners up close and personal with host Dee Kosh, whose irreverent, saucy and confident conversations are a must-hear for those who relish unadulterated opinions, frank talk and a dash of drama.

The podcast delivers weekly dosages of everything from current affairs to the latest Singapore gossip, and Dee promises “raw, uncut and uncensored” discussions. Dee even invites listeners to share their thoughts on his Instagram account.


Something Private

Ladies, this one’s directed at you, though anyone can have a listen. Podcaster Nicole Lim talks everything to do with lady life—the highs, the lows, and everything in between. From conversations on personal issues to societal struggles, Something Private is encouraging women everywhere to take up candid speech.

“It’s about time we had these conversations out loud,” says the podcast’s channel on Spotify. For expert advice and stories from women from all walks of life, it might just be about time to tune into Something Private.


Misfits: Wisdom from Unconventional Individuals

Dedicated to those that march to the beat of their own funky drum, the Misfits: Wisdom from Unconventional Individuals podcast is all about life, from a different perspective. With fascinating interviews and stories from people who have chosen an unconventional existence, this podcast is current, thought-provoking and edgy.

In Misfits: Wisdom from Unconventional Individuals, host Bryn Victor talks to the “rebels and the outliners”. If this is your tribe or if you’re curious, this is one local podcast to turn your attention to.


The Onion Aunties

Asian aunties gotta have their own podcast, too! In this equally lighthearted and heart-warming podcast, The Onion Aunties discuss, discourse and dish out what life really is like as a woman living in Asia.

Sharing experiences, stories and advice stemming from life lessons learned the hard way, The Onion Aunties is appealing not only to aunties but to listeners from other demographics, too.


The Financial Coconut

Bringing you better conversations about personal finance, The Financial Coconut is Singapore’s first financial literacy podcast. The channel—dedicated to changing how we look at, talk about and deal with money—debunks financial myths and gives advice on best financial strategies for the everyday individual.

As they have said on their website, personal finance can be “chill, clear and sustainable”. If you want to learn more about how how to manage your finances with ease and less stress, The Financial Coconut’s got you covered.


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